What is a Sunday afternoon for…if not for a mini miracle?

I asked for some space to build a venture. A venture where I can help at least one young man to make the step up and get his young life on a track that means he won’t ever be going back to prison. This is what happened…

People got busy when they heard what I was looking for and why I needed the space. Lots of messages of support, many simply pressed the button and the social media beat began. I think you can certainly say that the Universe conspired to line things up, because within 36 hours this extraordinary man, Derek, who already does so much good for society, stepped forward with the offer of part of his barn!

2014-04-27 15.19.20

When your partner is the queen of networking and connections I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that somehow this man would find his way to me via one of Hannah’s many socially minded ventures. I am not sure if this can be a long term solution, however it got Jordan and I started yesterday:

2014-04-27 15.58.08

You know what is even more amazing is that an old friend of his wanted to help Jordan get himself sorted so he brought his van, his tools and his support too. So thanks to Henry we got going even quicker than I could have hoped. But we have just begun, there is so much to do, and with some support and some belief I know this young man can do some amazing things with me here. We will keep updating our progress.

Following his seven week stretch, they sent Jordan out of prison with a relatively tiny amount of money. Following several hours of heavy lifting I decided to match it – you might say it was meant as a symbol of which path might be best to tread.