David Cameron, Prime Minister, & Ross McEwan, RBS Chief Executive, discuss Woodstock NatWest

Is this good enough?  The RBS Chief, Ross McEwan, responded to David Cameron’s letter about the campaign we are all part of to save the Woodstock branch. If taken on face value you might think many of the queries have been remedied. Think again. These are the points I have asked Mr Cameron to go back and get confirmed:

“But please delve below the banking speak and go back to the man that is running the bank that we all own and ask for clarification on the following points: 

  • RM says: “we have reached an agreement with the local post office – which is only a short walk away – that currently allows our customers to take money out, check balances and pay bills free of charge”
  • Q: the implication is that a one-off agreement has been reached with this one PO. Is this correct? Because if it is NOT then “customers” does NOT include business customers. Are they no longer to be considered “customers” by RBS? In addition has the bank come to an agreement with the PO on how the elderly and disabled will be served, given that the access to the PO is extremely difficult?
  • “in the coming months we will increase that offering to allow customers to deposit cash and cheques as well”
  • Q: the implication is that this agreement is close to completion and will be available in the next few months, is this correct? If so could the detail of the agreement actually be outlined because none of the other main high street banks have achieved this function so far with the PO? Also can you confirm if your customers from the business community continue to be excluded from this?
  • “We also intend to keep the ATM in place at the branch”
  • Q: what does “intend” mean? Research by locals suggests that the ATM will be run by a third party: is this correct? Why would you suggest that the bank are keeping this function themselves? How long will this facility continue to be free if the bank does not own the ATM?

There are many more questions that remain unanswered, however, these questions sound huge alarm bells that the local community deserve to have truly transparent answers to, don’t you agree?”

What do you think? Are RBS being straight with the community about why they are leaving? is Ross McEwan being transparent in his response to our Prime Minister?

I know what I think and I know what I will continue to do: CAMPAIGN!

If you would like more information, a copy of the full letter exchange between them or simply to add your support email us at: campaign@community-buying.com