Children’s Health Study – stunning results in the health of hundreds of thousands of children

Which parent doesn’t wish their little ones would drink more water, eat less fast food, get more wholefood nutrition inside them and, of course, eat more fruit and veg?

Why? Because every one knows that if these things happen then their children are inevitably going to be more healthy, right? What does that mean? It means they are going to have less days off school and probably, whilst they are at school, they are going to be able to concentrate just a little bit more. Chances are their skin will be a little clearer and their bodies just be a little bit leaner. So I guess this might just mean that confidence in self could go up.

That all sounds great, the question is how on earth can Mums and Dads – rushed in every way – actually achieve this and how can they even afford it too? 

The Children’s Health Study – of all the amazing things that have come across my desk since the very early days of CBL, this is on the cusp of convincing me it is number one! This study could just be the most socially responsible project I have ever seen. 

What is it all about? JuicePlus launched this back in 1999. The results have been so stunning that this can only be described as a visionary development. But there is one thing that makes it even more remarkable – and the thing that ticks my boxes on socially responsibility – for participating parents the children receive this wholefood nutrition for FREE! 

Stunning results: the research reports are stunning…

CHS child results

I have opened those questions that I was most fascinated by and the maximum number that would fit on one screen shot! You can visit that webpage yourself to see all of those questions opened up. Pick the one that would be most relevant to your child, or each of your children. There is not one set of results that does not make your mind flip.

JuicePlus – what is this stuff? A unique product that has been around for over 20 years, has endless endorsements and over 30 independent, gold standard, peer reviewed, scientific papers published in top journals. But never take my word for it, the evidence is all out there and you can see everything you need to know about the product and how it is made right here: In short, it is simply fruit and vegetable in a capsule or a chewy – crazy but true!

Do kids really like eating this stuff? It seems it could be possible…

NJ chewey love


This is Nathaniel. He likes them so much he actually asks for them. Even though he is only 21 months old the results have been clear – improved sleep and enhanced concentration during the day. So imagine what the impacts could be for older kids going through “difficult” times. Going back to the results I copied above, the bottom one shows that after only a few months many were feeling enhanced levels of self-image and at the end of the three year study the level was at an amazing 67%. Imagine how that benefits every single aspect of each of those lives, their family’s life too and everyone they interact with. Just how valuable is that to society?

What next? This will be the first of my posts about this, because I have been researching it as thoroughly as I can and I have been watching progress closely for three months. So much so that I have my personal story to tell. Please do feel free to respond with any questions about any aspect of this and share it with anyone who has children or grandchildren who you believe deserve to know about the Children’s Health Study.