UK rural energy strategy changes forever: CBL launch unique FIXED package

It is the the one thing that drives heating OIL buyers to distraction. They buy the UK’s main rural energy source and yet they never know what it will cost. This week CBL launch their unique FIXED price, FIXED payment package and with it create a solution that over one million rural energy users have been yearning for…


OIL buyers can finally enjoy the same privilege that mains gas and electricity users have had access to for decades – the ability to budget! The FIXED package allows them to:

  • BOOK their entire annual usage now
  • FIX that price for a year now
  • FIX the payment for a year – setting up a monthly DD now
  • ENJOY the peace of mind of knowing the cost of their OIL for the whole year – for the first time ever

Clearly NOW – would be a good time to act!

What makes this truly unique to CBL is the package includes the service to manage the deliveries – ensuring they are timed to always keep members’ tanks well supplied and delivered at the same time as others locally. Why is that last part important? Coordinated deliveries are good for the members, good for the community and good for everyone’s environment. 

Want to know what your costs will be? At 2pm on Monday 4th August, 2014, CBL launch this for the very first time and you will be able to find out what your costs with the FIXED package for the year would be: 

  • Email:
  • Call: 01993 224111
  • Twitter: @powerofthegroup

Why has this taken so long? Four years of work have come to fruition with the launch of this package, proving that when a group of people come together anything can be achieved. So long as it is important enough!


In this instance, the anything that will be achieved is huge: this will change the way the entire community of OIL buyers across the UK pay and plan for their OIL deliveries and create a true rural energy strategy over the next five years. It will impact the price of every farm produced product in our shops. It will tackle the evil that is OIL Fuel Poverty. It will create outcomes that we can’t even see right now and that can only lead to one thing: vast social change.

As ever, please do get in touch with your thoughts: