OIL: certainty where there was doubt

OIL buyers can book their entire annual Heating OIL use for the next 12 months at less than £50 a month per 1000 litres ordered…NOW!

Heating OIL buyers across the UK have always lived in a state of doubt. Now they have the certainty they deserve – finally. Peace of mind replaces constant “will I be able to afford my OIL” concerns, which means there really is now order where only chaos reigned!

Everything changed this week because CBL launched the unique FIXED Package: the ability to FIX the price, FIX the payment and spread the costs over the year. So as stated above, today OIL buyers can book their entire annual Heating OIL use for the next 12 months at less than £50 a month per 1000 litres ordered. Unless you’ve experienced what OIL buyers go through you can only imagine what an extraordinary change around this is for rural energy.

Buying OIL…timing really is everything! There are so many factors that affect the price of OIL that buyers have to go with what has happened not what might happen – percentages if you like. Right now the indicators point only one way: 

  • Brent Crude dropped to a 9 month low this week at $104 a barrel
  • UK Heating OIL averages are at 36 month lows

As I said, timing. Launching the FIXED Package with that knowledge gives everyone at CBL, and should give everyone else, a very real sense of peace of mind!

Predicting OIL prices: let me give you an insight into why the only thing to use is what has happened not what might happen. You may ask there must surely be lots of information about the trends and which way OIL will continue to move? Well actually tracking OIL commentaries can drive you nuts inside just 24 hours, for example:

NEW YORK, 10.16pm, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Oil prices tumbled on Tuesday, with Brent crude falling to a nine-month low as ample supplies in Europe and North America outweighed fears that violence in the Middle East and North Africa could disrupt production.

So that means the entire OIL using part of the planet is well stocked and prices will continue to fall because supply is up and demand is down? Well it did for a few hours…

SINGAPORE, 4.44am, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Crude inventories in the United States fell by 5.5 million barrels to 363.9 million barrels in the week to Aug. 1, data from industry group American Petroleum Institute showed on Tuesday. Analysts polled by Reuters had expected a decrease of 1.7 million barrels.

Oh so suddenly North America is not well stocked. They only use more than most of the rest of the planet put together! That report goes on to say: “Investors will closely watch stocks at the Cushing, Oklahoma, delivery hub, which have fallen close to minimum operating capacity.” Clear as mud-pie with lashings of OIL to murk it up a little more. But here’s the thing, by the time you read this it may well have all changed again.

If you needed any more reason to deal with what has happened, what do you think this comment later in the same update actually means: “Fears over supply disruptions don’t seem to be playing out as much as traders were pricing in weeks ago,”  Yes it means they added a “what if” premium as “they” often do. Deal with what has happened, not what might.

OIL buying is a world that thrives on doubt. This week CBL brought a solution to the market that is set to create such vast change that not even the market quite knows how to react. The point is that in one fell swoop a single solution has resolved many challenges: FIXED price for a year, FIXED payment for the year and spread across 12 months. Sometimes when that kind of change occurs many spend some time scratching their heads, rubbing their eyes and wondering “where’s the catch?” They are going to be looking for that for a very long time. 

For anyone that orders OIL, knows people that do, works with people who do or has clients that need this advice, support and access to the FIXED Package please do get in touch NOW: