“OIL at a decent price, whenever…what?” The silent revolution, about to make one big noise!

Justice for Rural Energy!

CBL have started the campaign Justice for Rural Energy – you may have received a tweet, a message or a text

For over one million rural homes across the UK, it has been a very long time coming, but justice is finally landing for many that have no voice.

Only those who live with the issues created by rural living will truly understand what this revolution to rural energy really means. The off-gas community is so disconnected and many are extremely isolated, unifying them has been a goal of Community Buying for four years. Achieving this creates vast change and has been brought to fruition in spite of the fact that those living in rural areas are deemed as unimportant by Government, regulators, the media and the wider energy sector in general. In fact, many see Heating OIL itself as a standing joke.

Not any more! Heating OIL users now have equality: the ability to FIX the price, FIX the costs and FIX the monthly payments for 12 months. The CBL FIXED package is not only unique, it is a revolution. Just now it is a silent revolution, but a huge TEXT campaign is creating rapid change, and the big noise has begun. This is what some early adopters have said:

“Thank you – you’re moving mountains” – Rev, Jane Hemmings

“Sounded fantastic…when you explained it, it sounded better!” – Alan Jones

“A huge thank you for your pioneering work in creating this system, really helps with budgeting & peace of mind, greatly appreciated” – John East

“It seems you have turned things on their head for the better…introduced crazy ideas like OIL AT A DECENT PRICE, WHENEVER, what? Did I hear myself right? You see, it’s taking rather a long time to sink in!” – Cat Dartnall

How can you help?  Everything changes from here and anyone can help simply by forwarding the messages via this blog, twitter – @powerofthegroup, Facebook or the text campaign that has already begun. A joined up movement to match the joined up thinking that is transforming rural living for many thousands. Who knows it just bring it into the current century:


As always feedback, ideas and comments welcome: chris@community-buying.com