Jacek has great news for the lovers of a Jaffa cake in the dynamic, diverse economy of Witney

For various reasons most marathon runners love their Jaffa Cakes. I did. 

I say did because I am no longer a marathon runner – I am still rather partial to a Jaffa! Imagine then my delight when I worked out that the local Polish deli stocked not just the standard orange flavour, but raspberry, cherry and more, I am telling you those Poles know a thing or two about Jaffa cakes. I am guessing they must be a nation of marathon runners.

So as I was driving up Corn Street in the delightful market town that is Witney – a place with a cosmopolitan, diverse and dynamic economy that has never seemingly really suffered the recession’s worst impact – I saw this disastrous site! The Polish Deli with empty shelves – it had closed! 

polish deli 1

The Jaffa cake love affair appeared to be in jeopardy. Relief! When I walked back to the store I found a sign saying they’ve moved up the street. This is Jacek’s new store and it is a thing of beauty…

polish deli 2

Clearly lots more space, a beautifully manicured layout, staff as stunning as ever (or that could say Ewa), a truly aesthetic achievement…

polish deli 3

 and then this…with a plethora of varieties and flavours…this is a Jaffa cake lover’s kind of heaven!

polish deli 5

OK, so my personal treats aside, because obviously the store has an amazing variety of goods, this is a major achievement for a fellow entrepreneur. Jacek saw the changing demographic of the population of a thriving market town and he has built a successful business serving a specific – but expanding – market. Clearly business is good for him and his health too, as his empire has moved on very impressively, he has lost five stones in weight! I simply say well done, this is great for Witney, and “thank you” on behalf of local marathon runners – current or retired.