Five new Community Buying ideas launching at the Witney Trade Fair

What can a Community buy together? Simple: pretty much anything.

It all began with energy – heating OIL mainly – but the range of services and products we’ve bought for different communities is remarkably long and will be getting longer as we launch a new idea at the Witney Trade Fair – 18/19th September. Actually, not just one new idea, but THREE and counting:

1. The Witney Business Buying Group: ever wondered why a stationery van from one supplier delivers to a company on your industrial estate or into your business centre, only to be followed by a different one and then maybe another? I do – all the time. What about all the other products and services businesses have supplied or delivered to their door? There are so many necessities that every business has to buy that if someone simply got them a little bit organised and flipped the way they buy them, they could help them save a huge amount of money, receive a better service, negotiate more advantageous credit options, ensure a constant planned supply and even engender a feeling of community spirit among neighbouring businesses. Make sense to you? That is what we launch at the Witney Trade Fair – local businesses getting organised and buying their necessities just a little more intelligently…once again proving the Power of the Group. The Witney Business Buying Group – a light bulb moment for many to work together…

teamwork moment  


2. The Renewable Heat Incentive Sanity Help Group:  let’s be honest the Government have made a complete horlicks of what should have been an amazing scheme and one that was really easy to encourage millions of home owners to get excited about. Finally fully launched, there is a huge pot of money waiting for us to use up and the confusion created by the mixed messages over the last two years has resulted in what exactly? Well have you got your Heat Pumps, Biomass or Solar Thermal fitted as yet…NO? You are not unusual as nor have the majority of the nation! Time for some sanity: come and ask us what this is all about, let the Power of the Group help you get all of your questions answered and receive a free overview of what could be right for your home or business (not forgetting your country estate). In the right location this can be one incredible investment. By the way, if you have got one of these fitted we would like to hear from you too – your experiences, your story and your ideas for making it better…and well done for being less dependent than the majority of us on those last century fossil fuel based corporations. You found your way through the maze, that is why we are launching the RHI Sanity Help Group at the Witney Trade Fair, to give people a unique service and something that is priceless – real peace of mind.

3. The People’s Insurance Quotation Service: I love searching for quotes and Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” is my absolute favourite, but nobody really likes having to get those other quotes do they? You know the insurance renewal quotes. So don’t. Let the People’s Insurance Quotation Service do all the hard work for you. Forget those annoying meerkat, opera singing or overly happy comparison site adverts – given you are never really sure if you put all the right info in or if you really are getting the insurance cover you need – and forget simply accepting the latest “loyalty loaded” renewal from your existing company…just let the Power of the Group take over and send us an SOS call. I can’t promise a Saint Bernard dog will appear out of thin air to answer that plea for help and save you, but our award winning customer service solution will. 

Is it possible that there could be even more great ideas coming? Of course, and we are working on them to do our very best to launch these at the Witney Trade Fair too. Such as? Take for example the idea that things could change so your staff rarely lose a day’s work as a result of their children being ill. No we are not advocating sacking all staff with children or employing the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but the Power of the Group has led us to an incredible solution for this issue!  Then there is the gift of time. Imagine we found something that could save you, your business, your staff and colleagues 50% of the time it takes them to perform many routine tasks. As Jim Rohn says, time is invaluable…another one of those quote things – but the good type! Keep watching and we will keep you posted. 

Time is more important


As ever, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome: