The health of our nation…a transformation is underway

Trouble with your health?

Weight, sleep, energy levels, skin, teeth, hair or something more specific like cholesterol, blood pressure or a dietary disorder? Maybe a disorder like Fibromyalgia or something that debilitates like Cerebral Palsy? This extraordinary message, I received from a lifelong friend in the midst of one crazy week, is almost unfathomable.

“Chris – if this hadn’t happened to me I may not believe it. Please send this in full to EVERY one you choose to and tell them you and your wonder caps have changed my life, this is how:

My Blood Pressure is now normal range no spikes and no meds. My skin is clear no more cystic acne (was supposed to be using a med but stopped once I found this). Remember that I have Cerebral Palsy in my legs and left arm, well my leg muscles are stronger and I walk more and faster with no leg cramping. My herniated gut problem has fixed itself with this and by eating clean as you call it. I used to have messed up sleep due to having Fibromyalgia, not any more as I now sleep good. Finally my hair, although it is still thin it has stopped falling out and is no longer dry and brittle, it’s nice and soft. I’m going to do the 30 thing and I will use my reclining bike for exercise now my legs are better. My regular doctor wants to see me next week but I’m doing so fantastic I don’t need him really, although I’ll get cholesterol checked then so I’ll let you know that too. Love you Chris, it’s nice to finally feel good 

PS Chris almost forgot I’ve been eating both the fruit gummies and taking the Juice Plus capsules, probably over doing it, but I’m the energizer bunny these days lol…and I’ve dropped 25lbs.”

Gandhi health

I’ve known Sally since I was three, I’ve not seen her since she moved to the US when I was 14 and despite that she still considers me her little brother. Sally has fought a battle with serious ill-health from the day she was born. Two months ago, having watched my daughter Ana’s transformation in weight, health and energy, Sally asked if she could try what had helped her…the wonder caps she refers to…and looked what happened. Imagine the positive repercussions in every part of her life. Can you Imagine how I’m feeling? 

As Mahatma Gandhi said, our health (and the health of those around us) is the true wealth of life. The revolution that is JuicePlus is spreading great health across the UK and beyond: you can watch me, judge me or join me.

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