Kaizen…positive incremental change…that is all I ever strive towards

This is why I get up each day to do what I do…this is my “Why?”:


three stunning grandchildren that make me want to make their world a better place to live, so that when they get to an age where they can ask me what it was that I did to make their world a better place to live, I can actually point to something and say “I did my best to change this”.

Change! I believe in a Japanese concept that helped Toyota become a world impacting phenomenon, from a tiny starting point, over a five decade period:


it simply means implementing change on a tiny step by step basis that effects positive incremental change over the long term. Sometimes the effects of that change do not become visible for some time. So imagine how thrilled I was to be told this week, by someone that I have only met twice, that a corporation she was working in before actually changed a business practice because of something I chose to do whilst she was still there. The business practice was so unethical that I took the step to film it, put it on YouTube and suffer the consequences. Concerned industry friends let me know that I needed to be careful once they saw it, but I was too outraged to let that affect my decision. Hearing that internal changes had occurred almost immediately is a deeply satisfying experience. Hearing it 18 months later is really the whole point of Kaizen. When this same person told me that she and her colleagues had hated what they were doing and always felt uncomfortable about the ethics of it…well you can imagine what that confirmed in my resolve to continue striving for change.

Kaizen….think about it…what little impacts of improvement can you strive for, because you never know just when you will hear what positive change you’ve created for someone that you don’t even know.