It’s just weather isn’t it? Not when an imperfect storm heads to the UK

Like any business sector Heating OIL has its challenges. One of its biggest is the weather. Any business that is dependent on weather knows this only too well. Today the Daily Telegraph Business section tells us that: “sales of clothing fell more last month than at any time since April 2012, as an unusually warm September deterred shoppers from stocking up on winter items such as coats and boots”. I don’t have the figures but I suspect ice cream retailers were pretty happy.

Not so Heating OIL suppliers. It would be fair to say that the clear evidence that the season of summer seems to have fallen out of love with its usual months and shifted to some new months, is not good news for those wishing to sell more OIL for heating the one million and counting UK off-gas homes.

But wait, here was the news from The Express on the 12th October: 

“Winter 2014 set to be ‘coldest for century’ Britain faces ARCTIC FREEZE in just weeks”

Surely this is the news that the suppliers (and clothes retailers) have been waiting for. Hmm, I just checked the ten day forecast – which takes us into November – and no sign of anything like a freeze given the lowest low forecast is 9 degrees. But why would I doubt The Express? I mean they ran this story last October: 

“Worst winter for decades: Record-breaking snow predicted for November”

Oh, that is why I would doubt it. Winter never arrived last year for most of us. Guess what the year before here was their breaking story: 

“Coldest winter in 100 years on way”

I didn’t bother going back any further. Get to the point Chris. The point is who really knows what will happen over the next few weeks let alone months, it is after all the British weather! What I do know is three things for certain:

  • if I was a dedicated Daily Express reader I would be demanding some money back because the same “journalist” wrote all three stories
  • right now I haven’t turned my heating on so far this “winter” – and five days ago I went to the gym in a T-shirt at 6.30am
  • at some point the “journalist” will finally be right and winter will arrive.

What happens when winter does arrive? This is the real issue. Right now Heating OIL users have not had it so good for four years. Prices are remarkably low. Supply is not an issue. But what if this suddenly appears from nowhere and Carol Kirkwood drops the bomb:

carole snow 

This I do know with certainty: potential for meltdown. Depending on the severity of what we get, the Heating OIL supply business could go into one mother of all energy meltdowns and the scary thing is very few people have the faintest idea that this is a very real possibility. Worse still is this will NOT be good for either suppliers or consumers alike.

The critical question is: how is it possible that the third largest energy source to heat UK homes could be this exposed to the possibility of meltdown?  Read on…

Addendum: the late Gore Vidal on the news media: “Our news is fictional…People making up the junk know that – and most people suspect it.” 

If you want to read those three laughable articles then they are here: 

If you want to contact The Express for a refund go here: