OIL buyers act now…

Never before have I been this emphatic in my message…OIL buyers plan your next 12 months’ OIL buying NOW!

For those of you:

  • who know you have to buy OIL in the next 10 weeks PLEASE buy it NOW! Or…
  • if you are full to the brim and feeling very chuffed that you filled up at record lows buy your next delivery NOW!

In fact which ever category you fall into – or any other for that matter – don’t just buy or plan your next delivery, but plan your OIL for the next year NOW!

This earlier blog covers why:


The next 12 months?  If you don’t understand how you can book your OIL for the next year, don’t worry you are going to in the next week. It is as simple as this: electricity and mains gas users have complete peace of mind that there supply is secure, OIL buyers do not! We are talking about a rural energy revolution, because now they can…peace of mind for OIL buyers…it changes everything. Please keep watching…

As always your feedback is most welcome, so please come and talk to me here: chris@community-buying.com.