OIL buyers still confused…? A step by step with pictures!

This is OIL buying…

Which means the only way to buy is to cut out all the noise, all the second guessing and use the information you actually have immediately before you. With this in my mind, this is hard fact:


Four years seminal moment

This is what an expert OIL investor has to say – click the short video in the page that opens it is fascinating:


This is as educated as it gets when it comes to long term weather forecasting from senior meteorologists: 

FORECAST SUMMARY: There are some distinct signs and signals that the forth coming winter will be a potential opposite to that of what was experienced during last winter. There are a lot of factors that point towards the coming winter producing far less stormy conditions and more in the way of ‘blocking patterns’. These blocking patterns are what are often required through the winter to bring cold weather to the UK and at the moment a colder and drier than average winter is preferred.
At the moment a potential mild start to the winter is expected as we move into early December. However the current expectations are that as the winter progresses the risk of increasingly colder spells will develop and with the first cold spell of weather potentially arriving during the second half of December and with then a risk of cold weather, at times, continuing throughout the remainder of the winter period. Even during the coldest winters milder interludes are possible and these are still expected at times. However, between December and the end of February colder than average conditions are expected overall and especially when compared with last winter, with a much greater frequency of winter weather which includes snow, frosts and below average temperatures.”

This is what I know and, it seems, pretty much nobody else does: 

  • there is very little heating OIL on this island
    • users have ordered less because of the 18 months of mild weather and have very little in tanks
    • the ridiculous number of run outs this week prove they have taken their eye off the ball
    • suppliers have very little in storage because of the low demand and falling wholesale prices
    • wholesalers, importers, refiners keep “just in time” levels of stock
    • replenishing stock at times of high demand from most exporting countries takes weeks
  • there are less tankers on the road to meet demand when it rises – suppliers have been bought or downsized
    • this reduces what is a finite number of driver days and hours to meet an increased demand
  • record price lows will no longer be a factor if supply cannot meet demand
  • the forecasters predict a colder winter than the last
  • every mild day towards December is one step closer to a complete rural energy supply meltdown
  • if we get to as late as mid-December before a cold snap comes and if it stays for a more than a week, then there is a very real potential that the market will become complete and utter chaos

This is why OIL buyers should look at all that and NOT develop short memories:


and then go here and book their OIL for the next 12 months at what is an amazing price – around 50ppl – because that is the market average at a time when prices are at a FOUR YEAR LOW:


I cannot lay it out any simpler than that. If you need to speak to someone about how the fixed deal actually works and how to design it around you and your OIL buying there is a FREE phone number on the Tank Topper link. There’s an old saying with a different angle…I hope this did:

you can lead