Why is it like summer today?

Why is it…? And why is this a disaster for heating OIL users?

One day winter will arrive!

Clearly not just yet though. Today I have been doing some work whilst being sat in the sun. In fact for those of us that happen to be home when the heating is off during the day, it is colder in that it has been out today.

i just checked – it is November! And it is already the 18th of that month. No sign of winter. This is very bad news for heating OIL buyers, because the more mild days we get, the close we get to December and the closer we edge towards the biggest energy meltdown the UK has ever known. 

I have covered this in a previous blog:


The message hasn’t changed: buy your OIL now, better still FIX your price and spread the cost over the year – it is all here: http://tanktopper.co.uk/fixed-price-fuel.html/It makes complete sense to buy OIL when you should buy it. What doesn’t make any sense at all is to wait until you NEED to buy OIL, because it will be at the same time as huge numbers of other people who NEED to buy OIL too. What happens when demand goes up…? You can fill in the blank.

Summer in November is not the calm before the storm, it is much worse than that.