Bridging the gap across thousands of miles for a New Year of hope


Introducing Lorraine, Balong and on the right Banene. Three little dots from the five hundred children that had a happier Christmas than they might have expected because of the incredible work of Christmas for the Children foundation in the Philippines. It is the brainchild of my friend Teresa Mangonon and her incredible family…and something that we can all be proud to be a part of now.

Yesterday the children were all invited to a huge party and, as in previous years, they feel part of something special, an extended family if you like, where there are people smiling, where troubles can be left behind for a few precious hours, where they each receive a gift that simply makes all the difference – actually unwrapping something that is their’s and their’s alone – where there is food to share and dancing. Most of all where there are people that genuinely care and who revel in making the children feel happy!

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But that’s not all: hundreds of food parcels go home to families, special wishes are granted for a few truly vunerable children, other charities that help families in many other ways are supported and even renovation work on homes gets included.

You see that lovely lady in the midst of the party? That’s Teresa. A truly inspirational businesswoman in the UK, with the stressful job of running and managing care homes for yet more vulnerable people, and the mother of two adopted children. You might wonder how she would find the time or the energy to then direct all of this in the country of her birth – The Philippines. The answer is simple, she was born into a family who see their purpose in life is to give and care. 

So how did we bridge the gap? Teresa knew that putting her health first would mean she would have the energy to continue giving her very best to all these different roles. When we discussed the role Juice Plus could play in boosting that energy and her immune system, and then who could benefit from the FREE nutrition via The Children’s Health Study, we hit upon something much bigger. A unique child sponsorship programme where adults choosing to bridge their own nutritional gap in the UK – or across the Juice Plus globe – could nominate a child from Christmas for the Children foundation to receive the chewies for FREE!

image  We launch a simple goal: sponsors for Banene and 499 of her friends by the next party of Christmas 2015.  And with it one simple question:  would you like to help us find them?

If you would like to find out more in any way at all then please feel free to get in touch: