What is The Truth About Food?


The Truth About Food – what exactly is that?

I will soon be 49. In nearly 18,000 days I have never smoked, I have never “done” any drug and, yes difficult to believe for most people, I have never drunk in my life either. So how come I have spent the majority of the last 13 years, in particular, looking like I was carrying at least one baby into the third trimester?

Food…it is as simple as that…it was all about what I put in my body. Yes exercise has played a part too – there have been active times and many more less active times – but even this is a long way the runner up to FOOD as the number one reason why I may not have managed the greatest asset I will ever own too well. Managed or mis-managed? Either way my body has suffered.

But why, I have a brain, right? Not only that it is one that likes to look at things from a very different view. So what went wrong when it came to food and how did I allow myself to turn a blind eye to what I was doing to myself?

It is time to find out The Truth About Food. It is time for me to work out exactly what I have done to myself, what to do to undo that and then to ensure that I never do that again. This is my quest for Food Truth, because it seems we might have moved away from knowledge that we seemed to have a very good grasp of thousands of years ago: