What is your Food Reluctance?

So it is like this…you hate something and you refuse to eat it. You don’t even think about whether you might like it a little bit or not, because you know you hate it, right? The little voice in your head actually produces the words “it’s disgusting” or a pretend retching noise – nice – when someone asks you if you would like to eat some of this “devil’s food”.  Any of this sound familiar?

Influence is a powerful thing! Then something flips in your mind when you are asked to question why you hold this “hate”, because someone you respect asks you the right question in the right way. This is my story as a result of being influenced by someone I respect:


Part Onehttp://youtu.be/aeuAzQa1aGY

Part Two: http://youtu.be/k3HtsUU0YHU

Thank you Lianne Phillipson-Webb for exposing my irrational hatred for something that is clearly really good for me. More undoing of what I have done to myself over my first 18,000 days! Which is of course important, but surely just as importantly I can now influence others to face their Food Reluctance.