Wimbledon is over…I mean the Election is over so stop with the rush of “informed” debate

One Politican won over another Politician…why would you get into an argument over that?

When Wimbledon arrives for two weeks the UK suddenly becomes tennis mad, tennis experts, even tennis players – I believe there are sometimes even queues at the odd public court we have. By mid-July the tennis craze generally wanes.

This election has reminded me of that Wimbledon craze. Suddenly my social media has had “informed” comment from the very same people that usually comment on my pictures of rainbows and grandboys, literally in my face.

I am hoping the Wimbledon effect kicks in some time later today, because some of what I am seeing makes me question this: why do lifelong friendships and relationships appear to be under pressure as a different loyalty squeezes through…loyalty to a Politician? I have no doubt that the majority of Politicians are great people, it is just what happens to most of them whilst they are being a Politician. I speak from very real personal experience with many of them over many meetings. I am thinking no Politician who simply won a seat over another Politician is worth that.

Bring on the Summer feel good factor!

imageI personally enjoyed exercising my constitional right to vote…but I chose NOT to vote for any Politician, I voted for CHANGE.