How to Eat a Rainbow – a cook-up demonstration by the inspirational Ellie Bedford

Half-term family fun day with a very special guest! 

Rainbows can change your life – that was the treasure at the end of my rainbow, as you can see from the photos below. Ellie Bedford will be demonstrating recipes from her amazing book:


Not only can we see Ellie create some of these amazing recipes before our eyes, you can ask her any questions, gain true insights, get your hands on a copy of the book for just £12 – signed with your personal message before your eyes – involve your children and enjoy some TASTERS! Each session at the Family Fun Day is just £2.50 each.

When?  Wednesday 27th May, 10am-1pm….Hill End Centre, OX2 9NJ.

Rainbows, Ellie, Dr Nyjon Eccles, some other very inspirational people close to me and consuming an amazing amount of plant-based, whole-food has, as you can see, transformed my shape: 


From this man who had become more at ease watching others partake in activity than doing it myself, to this man who is not going to cost the NHS anything like as much money in the treatment of any number of medical conditions I may have been walking – or eating – my way into: 


Just changed the shape of my body? Oh no I changed the shape of my thinking…and with it came these amazing feelings of immense energy and an “I want to bottle this emotion” because the knock-on effect has been so positive in so many ways in my life. 

Why not come and find out how Rainbow Eating can change the course of your and your familiy’s life too…