Why is the planet at war in 2015…?

One in EVERY 122 people on Planet Earth displaced by war

I can’t get this image of this man and boy out of my mind. 


The little boy looks a very similar age to Nathaniel. Nathaniel is my beautiful grandson. I am lucky that I see him a lot and amazingly every day for the last 12 days. Our biggest traumas were an exhausting time moving him, his two little brothers and his Mummy to their new home, whilst Nathaniel was unusually very poorly. The worst thing for Nathaniel is that he is really confused by this huge change. 

Huge change? Going from one secure place to another secure place – surrounded by all the people that love him and all the things that make his home a home. 

I look at this picture again and now I get PERSPECTIVE! 

Did I say huge change? Did I say very poorly? I cannot imagine what this little boy and this man have been through or where they are right now. What I do know is that it is sickening to think that this planet is more unsettled, unfair and unequal than it has ever been because of war and persecution. We have more ways than ever before to communicate with each other and yet it seems the one thing humanity seems unable to do is truly communicate. 

My thoughts are with a man and a boy.