Addendum to Breaking the “Rules”

Breaking the “Rules” – MLM Style…posted just below, needed an afterthought or three!

Project Truth About Money is simply an adventure, a movement if you like. Based on the premise that when each of us works out our own version of the truth about the greatest confidence trick humans have ever been exposed to, then it frees each of us up to understand the truth about the rest of our lives: including that we do not need to trade our time for money. Network Marketing is of course not the only vehicle to achieve this, but let’s face facts it is still the most freely accessible to the majority of the planet’s population. I believe it has hardly scratched the surface of its potential and in this age of protest could lasso vast swathes of people across the planet looking for a cause, but unsure how to achieve that positively. We have all heard right time, right place many times before, but if this really is the moment when an idea’s time has come, is it really likely to be truly embraced across the planet with the acceptance of such an appalling attrition rate?

Think about this unlikely parallel: the Grameen Bank – the most famous micro-financier to millions of the world’s most poverty stricken – has what is called an “almost miraculous repayment rate of over 95%”. Mainly women, looking to start their own small business, against not only all the odds but conventional thinking too, and they have this stunning statistical success rate. As I said, an unlikely parallel, but I look at this example and think to myself we have much to learn from many other unconventional models across the globe.

I am part of the problem. I have never done anything to change the model to impact on this issue. Until now that is! However, I know that now is not the time for blame, but the moment to grasp the opportunity in this challenge. The solution will be extremely exciting, the alternative is continued acceptance, retaining the status quo, and to me that is anything but exciting. What about you…is it time to be “unrealistic”?

In conclusion, I am reminded by Marianne Williamson of which is truly the “enlightened” path: