Breaking the “Rules” – MLM Style…

Have you heard the one about…?

…an industry with such a disruptive business model that it has challenged all traditional business thinking and achieved the type of magnetic success that attracts the support of the greatest of disruptive entrepreneurial thinkers, Branson, Buffet, Kiyosaki, Robbins, Roddick (RIP), and beyond, including the President-elect of the USA, leading to the recruitment of many more millions looking for a home for their own disruptive beliefs where they can build their own dreams…?

The punchline is…?

…the industry then falls into the trap of somehow getting the message they send out to these millions of alternative thinkers just slightly skewed…resulting in a 95% failure rate and an equal number of dreams dashed on the rocks of what is without doubt the planet’s best opportunity to transform many millions of lives through a revolutionary and flexible way to work, move products and provide for futures…

…and the industry is, of course, Network Marketing.

A 95% attrition rate…can this be true?

Built by mavericks on the platform of disruption, the family of alternative business structures – Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales, etc. – is an incredible success story, and yet somehow limited thinking has led to this shocking truth.

 The lesson learnt from this issue is…?

…there isn’t one…the industry has ignored the lessons in the power of the failure and, as decades come and go, continues to turn a huge collective blind eye to this issue.

Why is the blatantly obvious ignored…?

Because it is accepted as the norm! Even the greats of the industry – the true mavericks – believe quite simply “that’s the way it is”. No matter who you are, how many you recruit or how quickly you recruit them, you lose this vast percentage. The excuse that is perpetuated is that: “the industry has a huge problem with retention”.

But surely it doesn’t have to be like that?

Well, everybody knows that nothing has to be the way it is, simply because that is the way it is. That is why we join MLM companies. Everybody knows that the development and change that have been the positive mark left by humanity on the history of our planet, would not have been achieved if the real mavericks, those true “disruptive” thinkers who pushed at all boundaries, believed that the flaws they saw and wanted to redesign had to be left as they were, simply because that is just the way things are. That attitude of acceptance does not fit with what drives humanity forward. Will Smith sums it up in one line: “being realistic is the route to mediocrity”. How could the industry have chosen to be so “realistic”?

But there’s good news right…?

Very good news. This is a defining moment for an industry. The industry doesn’t know it – but it will and rather soon. Because it is time to be: “unrealistic”.

So, there’s a solution…?

Absolutely! There’s always a solution. I am a Network Marketing professional and I am proud to be such. I am proud of the disruptive nature of the Network Marketing industry and that it has challenged so many norms whilst enabling so many to change their lives. I am proud that it has created transformational economies, with many phenomenal success stories, often achieved with breath-taking audacity. I am proud simply to be part of this. However, in addition to that I see solutions and opportunity in challenges. There is a solution here. I also embrace the concept that failure is the root of all success. The choice an entire industry takes to turn a collective blind eye to something that we simply cannot allow to continue, is a choice to ignore a failure that could be flipped to create extraordinary success.

It is not too late, it is late, but it is not too late.

It isn’t, but we have to make a start now. We have to embrace two truths: firstly, we must flip the statistic so that we ultimately get 95% staying for the ride, and, secondly, we must even work to re-engage with a huge number of the 95% that the industry has haemorrhaged. Both truths are possible – if you are “unrealistic”. Imagine, erasing so much of the drama and the calamitous negativity that results from it…the possibilities are endless.

Where do we start…?

There’s an old saying that states to find a solution the challenge first has to be acknowledge as a challenge. Now most MLM stalwarts and leaders would probably say the challenge has been acknowledged, the industry has a massive retention issue. That is not acknowledgement, that is acceptance!

What if the industry was looking at this from entirely the wrong angle?

One of MLM’s maverick elite does a very famous training where he maps out how 80% will leave inside 12 months, and 95% inside four years, no matter who recruited them, simply because “that is just the way it is”.  In other words, the industry trains the expectation that the vast number of people that come to the industry will simply disappear. Which means the industry has an issue with not grasping that it is not about retention, but about recruitment and, even before recruitment, the mindset with which people are recruited. Revelation: the industry does not have a retention issue!

How long can we allow this to continue?

I mean 95 – or more – out of every 100 people, real people with real talents, are simply expected to fail and fall away. That is the equivalent of a vast human talent waste disposal unit. Let’s flip our thinking and look at it the other way, if you set out to design a system to create failure you would struggle to get it to be that good!

Where is the voice for the 95%…they deserve to be represented right?

It is obvious who the voices are for the 5% that stay. They are many and varied, often very inspirational, characters. They are so ubiquitously available you can take them to bed in a book or they can travel with you through your day on audio. But the voice that represents the 95% is a different matter.

So let’s start an end…solutions almost always exist inside a challenge, right?

It is time to look beyond what is seen as the norm…it is time to be “unrealistic” and reinvent the norm. We can begin right now…but how do you ground these far-reaching thoughts about such a massive issue and make them a reality? Particularly when so many hold on to this belief as if it were carved into tablets of stone. As I said, this is a defining moment for the industry…the next three weeks are about to become a seminal moment for MLM, and the start of an end will occur, because these issues will be grounded.

On the weekend beginning 19th November, 2016, this amazing event occurs:

I have been to this event for the last two years. The lessons I have taken from it have transformed my thinking and, therefore, my life: remember thoughts become things!

Two weekends later, starting 2nd December, 2016, this amazing event occurs:


This year I have chosen to go to this event, Go Pro, in Vegas rather than the MLM Mastermind event in Orlando. I will be with 20,000 people learning from Eric Worre and many special guests including Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. 

Which is creating this defining moment…MLM Mastermind or Go Pro?

Neither! They don’t know how to. MLM Mastermind and Go Pro are rightfully the perceived leaders of MLM education across the planet, both world renowned and industry recognised as independent, third party sources, yet they could not be more different. Go Pro is defined by the picture above of one man, Eric Worre, who has created an empire – his own empire. The MLM Mastermind, whilst run by Art Jonak, is more renowned within the industry for its “faculty of MLM Rockstars”! Whilst very different events, they each undoubtedly continue the extremely valuable work of MLM transformations, and they do add hugely positive impact to the industry. However, neither are able to ground the issue. They are not the voice of the 95% and they do not offer MLM this solution, because, with no obvious exceptions, they are accepters.

The start of the end: Sunday, the 27th November, 2016, on the weekend between MLM Mastermind and Go Pro, is the defining moment in MLM:


It is a pretty bold statement, but then it is time for bold actions!

Orlando, Vegas or rural Oxfordshire? It is an unlikely choice, but “Breaking the ‘Rules’ – MLM Style” is a seemingly unlikely place from which to start a revolution, especially since the MLM Mastermind (which labels itself as the “most trusted”) and Go Pro (which states it is “the biggest”) with such an array of talented “Rockstars” is unable to. It is simple: we are different, we are breaking the rules and we choose not to be limited to believing that anything ever has to be “just the way it is”.

Can we deliver the start to an end?

There’s only one way to find out…be there to witness it and decide for yourself:

  • Ground-breaking research smashing the recruitment myth
  • Breaking the ‘rules’ with breath-taking audacity
  • Being the voice of the 95%
  • Discovering what truly is YOUR Truth About Money
  • Seminal insights shared by fabulous industry talent
  • A man called Shed – visionary with an insane level of genius.

But be quick because it is limited to a very intimate number of people…I mean it is rural Oxfordshire and not Las Vegas!

And finally, for now!

Both Gandhi and Einstein wrote about the process an idea with the potential to create true change goes through: first they ridicule you, next they try to smash you and then they take the idea as their own. No matter where your thoughts are on that spectrum, no matter how confronted you may or may not personally feel by this version of the truth: can you truly risk not being there?


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  1. A great read Chris and I can also see that if the problem of the 95% or even 50% of those leaving MLM were solved – it would be a huge game-changer and opportunity for a company to carve a new market and claim the lions share. Look forward to hearing more.


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