To Blog or Not to Blog…

Life changed when my Mum’s hand moved in mine.

We had all been called in to see her and to say our good byes. The consultant was certain that the final attempt at a medicinal remedy had failed and she was ebbing away fast. 

What happened over the next few minutes was what many would call a miracle. Or it was a simple case of deep love, an incredible bond and the desire to live. The bond between a Great Granny and her Great Grandson. I was truly blessed to both be the conduit and the one to feel the tiniest squeezes back from Mum’s hand. 

It is now some months on and, as I said, my life has changed. In so many ways. I decided not to blog it…but I will one day.

However, some of those changes in my life have led me to the point of the beginnings of a new venture exploding and it is time to talk about it…and talk about it a lot! 

…and Mum is doing pretty amazingly!