Are you a sleeping beauty?

What is a “Sleeping Beauty”…an MLM “Sleeping Beauty” we mean!
They came, they saw, they fell in love, they got excited like it’s Christmas everyday…then, for one of any number of reasons, something went wrong and their MLM business aspirations slowed down, or they took a break, or they even ceased completely – that’s what we call a “Sleeping Beauty”.
Is that you? Or maybe it is someone close to you in your team? Or of course a friend in another business?
Please can you help us to help so many others? 
This survey – which should take less than 10 minutes to complete and will remain confidential – is to gain insights into an extremely important Network Marketing industry issue. An issue we believe we are developing a solution to.
Just by filling it in or even passing it on to others to fill in you will be helping to create a transformation. How do we know that? Because the responses received so far have been so fascinating, and they could change the lives of so many people.
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Thank you