Five reasons only gold is as good as gold for your groceries…no matter which century

Or Millennia…for that matter…as this clearly states…Displaying Time to start being unrealistically unrealistic...-6.png

It’s true…and it is true because gold is the ultimate store of value…but what does that actually mean…?

Five things you may never have thought about:

  1. the gold you wear on your finger, around your neck or even in your teeth, is very likely to have had many forms before. There is even a realistic chance that it has been around for 6000 years – so why not part of an Egyptian Pharaoh’s treasure trove?
  2. almost every ounce of gold ever mined is accounted for – very few people lose track of their gold for obvious reasons – apart from those gold stashes that were lost at sea when ships were the only way to transport it around the world and those bullion stores that were hidden during wars, coups and revolutions
  3. talking of wars there is a good case to say that most wars man waged on man were actually for the control of gold – there is an excellent documentary showing the route of escape of both the French and the British gold during the second world war via this link:
  4. gold has a mystical meaning to almost every culture because it is such a mix of extraordinarily complex features: it got here as result of a cosmic explosion which forced it into the rock at 70 million mph at the same time as Planet Earth was forming, hence the issue of actually finding it. Once found it has so many unique traits: it does not bind with anything else. it is incredibly dense and, among many other amazing characteristics, if you were to make just one ounce malleable and pulled it into a wire, that wire would stretch over 35 miles
  5. it is precious…the clue is in the name ‘precious metal’…because there is so little of it. Research shows that if every ounce was melted into one giant cube then that cube would only be about 60 feet by 60 feet by 60 feet. Incredible when you think of that. Finding it is rather difficult and as a result mining it can be incredibly intensive, for example the specific deposits of gold in Nevada’s Carlin Trend yield only one ounce per 10,000 tonnes of rock mined! There really is no printing press for this form of money.

That is why Gold is the ultimate store of value…all of those reasons and many more besides. It really is as simple as this: throughout the 6000 year Gold era there have been two sets of gold buyers: those who buy it for show and those who buy it to store their wealth.

Think about it…if you were buying your groceries 2000 years ago with any form of paper currency then you would need something ridiculous like a swimming pool full of the equivalent notes to buy the same amount for your family now. That is how well the gold stuff has retained its value whilst all other forms of money have been on ever decreasing spirals.

Do you think gold ownership might be just a bit more than a good idea? You are right, it is critical for long term security. Remember it is no longer royalty, the uber-wealthy and the sparkling A-listers that have access to gold ownership…anyone can buy as little as a gram at a time and right now a gram or ten would be the best Christmas present anyone could ever buy anyone they care about. Oh, but it must be the real type! Like the Egyptian Pharaoh you would want to be able to hold it in your hands so you knew it really was yours…how else would you know that you could always exchange it for the groceries you like to hold in your hands?