An 8% return inside 12 months…is that realistic?

Who wants to be realistic?

My favourite Will Smith topic – he has so many inspirational insights – is when he talks about choosing to be unrealistic. Why? Because, he says: “being realistic is the most common path to being mediocre”.

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Now, that is fine if you want to be mediocre!

I am guessing nobody chooses to be mediocre, but does everyone choose to be unrealistic? Of course not. It takes a lot of courage to shake off all that conditioning that we must be realistic – which is really the same as “settling”!

I was extremely humbled by this message I got yesterday on this very subject:

Having never met, I happened upon your post one day. It regarded, living life unrealistically. I put the idea to test that very day, which resulted in helping others beyond my expectations! Amazingly, it didn’t cost me a penny, I simply had to change the way I had been thinking & share it with others, then the magic unfolded! I now look forward to all your posts.
Thank you for the spark that brought to light, a new outlook in my life. I now understand we don’t need to doubt expectations and we can look beyond them. I enjoy your positive energy and wonderful ideas. Oh I even tried a Sharon fruit for the first time! I never would’ve done that, but you made it look fabulous. Merry Christmas to you & yours and I wish you all the best in 2017…Darlene

Wow…I am unrealistic enough to know that Darlene and I will meet one day soon – probably chat about our grandchildren and teaching them the art of being unrealistic – who cares about the 5000 miles between us.

What does that have to do with 8% return? EVERYTHING…!

I believe 8% inside 12 months is actually realistic…triple it before we can start thinking it is unrealistic. So, where is the 8% coming from? I have a passion for supporting young entrepreneurs and I have a huge interest in property – but only when it follows the property education I have been through, more of that below. This young entrepreneur has built a successful property portfolio. He has an amazing ability to spot the “smelliest and dirtiest” and turn it into a gem, when everyone else thinks it is smelly and dirty. He also has a true talent to negotiate what look like impossible deals. Take a look at what I mean. This is not the place to explain in detail, but if you understand about the art of cashflowing a property then you will know what to look for below:


The property education? Yes of course, like much of my education, it was from Robert Kiyosaki. His Rich Dad education has changed millions of lives. It certainly changed mine. He is beyond unrealistic…and very funny. This video is 11 years old and even more relevant now than it was then. He makes complex money topics incredibly simple – that is genius in action.  It is his Rich Dad Property Education course that both the young entrepresnur and I have been through and these amazing deals fit with his model perfectly.

And finally…of course I believe this post will lead to the young businessman I am supporting locating all of the funds he will use, for up to 12 months, to complete his deals and put them back out on to the market…with a healthy ROI for the funders and a bright future for his own portfolio. Why do I believe that? I am unrealistic.

If you would like to find out more about these and other property deals or topics, please ask any question you need to get answered, thank you:

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