There’s something stunning about courage

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it” – Nelson Mandela

The courage to develop a mindset that no matter what life may throw at you there is only one way and that way is up…

The courage to not only fill the void that you see, but to then design a tangible product and take it to market…

The courage to challenge the industry in which you have created your place and to design solutions that can help millions of others…

On Sunday, 22nd January 2017 we were blessed to hear from six inspirational people who have one major flaw in their characters in common…they refuse to accept life’s flaws…they are all rule breakers and I was truly humbled to both sit and watch them and then stand with them. It really is a wonderful life.




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  1. A saying we all know “Love Conquers All” I feel is not so. I believe that COURAGE Conquers All. It takes Courage to stand up and be counted when you believe in something against all the odds. Courage is led by a notion of what is right as a rule and therefore a massive thought process has taken place beforehand . After all when you are to start with a lone voice it takes amazing courage to be heard , then you have back up what you know or have to say against possible ridicule or the “Don’t rock the Boat” or the “We have always done it this way” brigade. Courage can change so much more than love and breeds a mindset of “Can do” , “Should do” and if it all comes together “WE NOW DO” . Courage normally comes from those we least expect, from the mother who is ill and carries on not regardless, not sharing her deepest fears with her family holding it all together. To the man trying to feed and protect his family in a war torn town and still giving them hope for the future. To a young man having to stand up on a stage and deliver an amazing speech and is riddled with self doubt but walks on stage carried with courage and the knowledge that certain things must be said for change to occur. So in short COURAGE to me means positive change either inside ourselves or those around us in our community . COURAGE tends to attract like minded people to drive big change forward and can change the way people think….. we all respect COURAGE no matter what our back ground… we even admire COURAGE…….this is why in my mind “COURAGE ” can lead to great things.


    1. Amanda you certainly know the inside and out of the concept courage…thank you for watching over this journey. You arrive back in my life at an interesting point…I have a meeting this week that will allow me my self-expression back on one massive issue…thank you for being there, somewhere


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