My proudest moment…

“What have you done today to make you feel proud?”  Heather Small

Was it the incredible and generous feedback from so many that I was most proud of?

“One of the most enjoyable, enlightening and entertaining afternoons I’ve spent in a long time and so privileged to have been present at the launch of this great new venture that is destined to change the world of direct selling as we know it. ARISE. MMM” – Graham Schneeberger – Direct Sales professional for more decades than he may wish me to say!

No…in that case it must have been sharing the stage with my inspirational partner?

No…then it must have been the WOW of seeing courageous friends tell their stories, launch their products, get us to think deep inside ourselves and hilariously entertain us all?

No…then it was surely the simplicity of watching in awe of my own daughter as she presented with such ease and consummate professionalism?

Nope…it was close but it wasn’t even that!

These things all made me proud but the single thing that set my pride to new levels was YOU…all of you…you believed, you invested, you came, you played such a phenomenal role, you kept the energy high the whole afternoon, you opened your minds, you welcomed new ways of being and you played a key role that means you will always be able to say: “I was there!”, and I will always be truly thankful.


One week on the feelings have simply multiplied – and I know I speak for others too…and yes the entire photo library goes live online tonight, the Pomfret tease is over and MMM is truly alive