One man’s smile…means everything


This is Joseph Philip Malek. Joseph is my friend. To see this smile in the photos from the event was thrilling and a thing of true beauty. You see Joseph is a true aficionado of the concepts attention to detail and pursuit of perfection – so the smiles tell a thousands words. All those who know Joseph well are now nodding and smiling. Because they know he is one of a kind. I rather like one of a kind, kind of people!

Joseph and I met in the usual random – not-really-random-there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-coincidence-in-the-Pomfret-world – way in which I meet people. There was an hilarious episode once with a stack of “red ones”, when I saved the bank! You can see that here in a rather unusual video that I thought I was making for a whole other reason…listen out for a telling contribution in the background from Joseph at about 30 seconds:

And that is the thing about Joseph, he does not know how much he helps me and the cause simply by being himself – but I do tell him a lot. His talents and intelligence are simply that diverse…and always off-the-scale.

To see my friend smiling so brilliantly is to see him at peace. A happy Joseph means one thing and one thing only…in our pursuit of perfection we are getting there!