“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo

Einstein said it, Gandhi said it too…no doubt many of the greatest of greats alluded to it…

…an idea…it can be power beyond limits…

The telling point is surely…it is all about what you do with the idea.

My great friend Shed Simove nails it: “All human achievement has come from an idea inside somebody’s head”. A powerful statement not only because he is absolutely right, but also because he is outlining the critical point that it comes from INSIDE the head of a human…and sadly that is where most ideas remain!

Why…? Because all ideas – not just the ones destined to change the world – go through three accepted stages: “first they ridicule it, then they try to smash it, then they accept it as the norm and take credit for creating it”!  I love that last one. Sadly most are dashed on the ridicule issue…often from the furrow of the first brow belonging to the first person told!

So where are we? Take a look and see what others think:


I am simply incredibly proud of each and every one of you fabulous ones who have played your part in bringing this idea to this point…what point is that…its time…this is an idea and its time has come.

Mazitas is alive and kicking…kicking down the walls of the accepted, limiting norm!

Thank you one and all.