Mazitas Masterclass Waiting List Open…!

The knowledge learnt at Mazitas is simply not available anywhere else…not even with Eric!

Well, you know how you love the build up to events with such expectation of what is to come, what you will learn, the buzz that will course through you and the people you will meet?  Then the day comes, you are there, you love it and all in all you have such an amazing time…I mean you may even leave with that euphoric feeling that something has just changed for you. Then what happens? 

Everybody knows that “life’s issues” often manoeuvre their way back in from the cold and the buzz you felt seeps away. But that is normal, right? So let me be very Will Smith and get very “unrealistic”…that simply will not happen when you have been to a Mazitas Masterclass.

Why?  Because as soon as you come in from the cold and become part of the community, you simply do become part of our Mazitas community. No matter which Direct Sales organisation you are with, you are safe, you are included and you will feel part of something truly special.

What about the knowledge?  It cost me a minimum £1500 to spend a few days over in Vegas with Eric late last year. Me and 20,000 others, or was it, 17,000 or possibly 16,000, that message changed. A massive investment of time, money, effort and more…what did I learn? Oh My Gosh on the 11 hour flight home I went through my notes and the realisation hit. So exciting. The most important thing I learnt was this: those who come and immerse themselves in a Mazitas Masterclass will learn more in three hours than I did in those three days!  Beautiful.

How very dare he…sacrilege…oh bring it on and smite me down almighty MLM gods, because I can say with utter confidence that the knowledge learnt at this next Mazitas Masterclass is actually impossible to learn at the large generic events. So confident indeed that here’s my deal:

  • currently there are no seats available, but some are “pending”
  • add yourself to the waiting list by emailing here:
  • seats that become available will be on a first come, first bottom gets that seat basis
  • you’ll get 48 hours to accept and buy your ticket for the phenomenally low – compared to £1500 – price of £50…and no need to take your shoes off going through customs, but you can if you want!
  • you will walk away (take a look at the feedback and you will see people did not walk away, they seemed to kind of float) with the knowledge that can transform any business on the planet – Direct Sales or traditional – and it can certainly transform yours, because you will become a Connectworker…it’s like Networking on speed, it’s way beyond the limiting concept of prospecting and, here’s the thing, you can NOT gain this knowledge anywhere else, certainly not with Eric
  • My personal guarantee…if you disagree…if you do not float away from the event…if you fail to feel the sense of community…then, even up to seven days afterwards, CJP will return the price of your ticket and, get this, even your travel costs…YUP! Like I said it is time to be completely unrealistic. That is how much I believe in what Mazitas is doing…

You want to feel like this and laugh so deeply whilst transforming your future – by obviously breaking some rules…?

Then put your bottom down on the waiting list…NOW…and maybe if you believe enough you too can be part of this:

Let me leave the last word to someone who totally gets the Mazitas community Chanelle:

“The 11th was a gateway into the next paradigm!! So many opportunities coming to light and can’t wait to get my next fix of incredible energy from incredible people!!”

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  1. Hi Christopher James,

    Just wondered if I was included on the day of 12th March with Sarah Louisa?

    Happy to help out with refreshments again too if needed 🌟

    Hope you’re enjoying France.

    Speak soon, much love

    Emily Joy xx

    Sent from my Xperia Z3 compact. On O2.


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