Three weeks ago today…four weeks from today…Mazitas

 “The energy in the room was constantly high & totally electric at times”

We launched Mazitas three weeks ago today…on a level of energy that was euphoric.

The overwhelming response since reflects that incredible energy and brilliant buzz, oh and the goose-bump feelings shared by all of us that were there…because we were there! We will all be able to say that for the rest of our days. Yes it was that good…no apparently it was better than that according to Graham:

“One of the most enjoyable, enlightening and entertaining afternoons I’ve spent in a many years and so privileged to have been present at the launch of this great new venture that is destined to change the world of direct selling as we know it. ARISE. MMM”

Why was it so good? Maybe Sarah’s words will help explain: “Every single speaker and attendee was uniquely fantastic.”

You missed it…no problem…four weeks from today…it is all about what’s next?


Next time will be uniquely different…incredibly interactive…however, still high on energy…but Oh My Gosh the tools you will learn and go away with.

Waiting list…yes even before the event goes live we have more bottoms than seats…IF you would like to be added to the waiting list then message me, because you never know, right:

For an insight into why Suzanne would say this: “A huge well done for making the event feel like a very safe, supportive and positive place”,  take a look at the video of our launch of:

Mazitas…where MLM becomes MMM

The final word back to Sarah: “I’m very grateful that we have a lasting memory of the moment that Mazitas launched. The whole day was wonderfully executed but it’s not until you step back and reflect that you realise the enormity of it all. Total game changer.”

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  1. Ooh yes please is be very interested in attending. Please let me know more!

    Ps, do you need any more refreshments on the day??? Perhaps Sarah and I could be of assistance again? Though I’ve not actually mentioned this to Sarah yet!? Ha ha 😂

    Anyway, hope you’re all well and managing to stay positive in amongst all the stuff that gets thrown at you 🌟💖😍

    Emily Joy xx

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