Mentorship…is it really all that?

Mentorship…”a period of time during which a person receives guidance from a mentor”

In 2003 Lleyton Hewitt proudly stepped back onto the hallowed sod of Centre Court at Wimbledon as the reigning Men’s Singles Champion. He walked off it just over two hours later having achieved what only one man had ever achieved before him…he lost in the first round as Wimbledon Champion! A few weeks before that he had “split with his coach” – the technical term I believe of losing one’s day to day guidance of how to do what it is that you are wanting to do. Oprah is often quoted for the number of coaches she has in her life, yet Lleyton believed he could go into that tournament coaching himself. History suggests that didn’t work out so well. That one fact completely changed my opinion of what having a coach means…it changed the way I saw my mentors and my education and the way I sought knowledge, guidance and support.

I saw our Mentorship as our opportunity to walk on to our centre court with the perfect coach for us. That it is exactly what we got…Neil Stewart…the perfect coach for us. So, last week Hannah and I allowed ourselves to be immersed in coaching. We opened ourselves to being vulnerable with our mentor…it is true we put our personal trust in Neil and he did not disappoint. But we went so much further than that, we encouraged the agents to educate us about their patch and we loved it when vendors excitedly showed us their quirky properties they were proudly showing off. OK it is fair to say that nobody was proud of the house being held together by mould, but the mentorship kicked in and helped their too!

Drug dens, a ploughed field…oh yes…and was it or wasn’t it a brothel?

Neil opened a wardrobe door and there they were. Handcuffs. Someone tried to suggest they were tie-racks. Who still has tie-racks in the 21st century? And if you do, who has handcuffed shaped tie-racks?

But that was the thing at every twist and turn we were learning and with it came one of our biggest goals in life: to have great fun!


It wasn’t fun…it was actually hilarious…but we were still learning. Each time we stepped into our centre court Neil was there nudging, guiding, coaching. Each time we went back to the chair for the changeover we reviewed our progress, we ran the stats, we talked strategy and, when needed, we injected something new into the game plan. Hannah loves a good strategy conversation:


The view from a drug den overlooking professional footballers training…now that was hilarious…and even more so listening to the agent trying to explain what else it might be!


We offered on that! Well you’d have to, right?

We learnt that whilst building a property portfolio is all about a formula, a calculator and listening to your mentor to ensure you don’t make rookie mistakes, there will always be something that takes your breath away. This incredible space actually had me in an architectural moment…and there was a tear or two.

Then there was this…it came to be known as The Party Palace…so many rooms, so many twists, so many reasons we will take this one all the way to the tie-break…and then who knows what will happen!


Mentorship…was it really all that? 

Education, you pay for it one way or the other…if you are yet to go on your mentorship then embrace this concept, in fact if you are about to go on any mentorship or into any coaching or into any course then embrace this concept…



Lleyton Hewitt learnt the hard way. It was his time and yet he ended up being the smartest person in his room at exactly the wrong time. He never became champion again!

Hannah and I put ourselves in so many rooms – literally – and we were not the smartest in any of them. What it has resulted in is an incredible amount of knowledge gained and so many exciting possibilities…keep watching.

Put yourself in different rooms.

Was it all that? No it was a million times more than that…