Dignity, Love & Respect…Mazitas Mindset

I wanted to make it memorable, positive…and filled with gratitude

The beauty of building your own dream is that you get to build it the way you want…what I really mean is the way your own maverick mindset wants it. However, the not quite so beautiful thing is that to be the friend of all MLMs you have to create a space between you and those businesses that you have been involved with…you see Mazitas works only by retaining an independent role with zero conflicts of interest. This means you have to say an official goodbye…this is my way of saying it in the most memorable and positive way I could think of doing so, it was so important to me:

I completely get that somehow this message will be misconstrued, rumours will quickly fly around and many “please join my opportunity messages” will find their way into my inbox. I can’t help that…but it is as simple as this: I have been sent a mission to create transformation and that is something I have to build independent of any specific company because it will be generically valuable to EVERY company. These are exciting times.