Mazitas Mindflip

When a man called Revv switches his “nightporter” jacket for his suit jacket and flips every mind in the place

Mazitas is committed to bringing unique to a platform so that unique can share a story and inspire us all to believe we can be and do everything…this man told his extraordinary story of achieving the impossible, because he didn’t believe there was such a thing as impossible…

So here’s the thing, Revv works in this hotel and he literally does everything as he fulfils his passion to serve, however, he is also a preacher and has his own church in the same hotel. Nobody knew that the man who was smiling away, making everyone’s day and ensuring the coffee and tea were topped up, was going to be the special guest speaker in the second half of the Masterclass. Wow what a story…wow what a reaction…wow what an impact…Mazitas minds flipped! These fabulous ones knew they were in the presence of greatness…and if you want to hear Revv’s incredible story then come and join the community.