Mazitas…do you get why it’s a community…?

“If I had not been there last week, around those incredible people, I would not have gotten through this week…”

What happens when we come together? Magic of course. Mazitas is a community of rule-breakers, that really is the only entry requirement…oh yes, that and actually coming to one of our days. You can’t be Mazitas, if you don’t actually feel what being Mazitas is!

But what exactly is it to feel Mazitas?

“I needed this…thank you…I just needed this”…a hug, a tear and one sentence two minutes after the Mazitas Masterclass.

“The masterclass has made me realise I can still pursue my passions”…a huge shot of confidence for one who simply needed a path back to her own belief.

“My Name Is…that concept hit a nerve. I have reluctantly kept my ex’s name for work purposes and now am thinking it is time to change back to my maiden name. I am not proud of my name…you got me to see how important that is”…you can fill in the blanks!

“Last night I decided enough was enough…I did it…I made a decision and I took the action that changes the rest of my life”…a Mazitas journey of extraordinary courage, of feel the fear and do it anyway, of watch me fly!

Who is watching…?

“I was so proud to say Mazitas when five bods came up to me on Saturday specifically to ask me what event it was I’d been to last week! You have started something here…!”

Who is watching…the eyes of the world are watching…!

This is our Mazitas community…and why do we come together to Mazitas…actually not for ourselves. We come together to add to the lives of others, to those around us on the day and then to take the knowledge we gain and the feeling we gain to share with all those who are yet to come and join us…#feelingmazitas Oh yes, we come together for #freebagels too