Gold mine idea…you mean like you have the winning lottery ticket…? Err, no!

Own what they do not want you to own

What the heck does that mean?

Push me beyond a curt first answer and I will explain in very simple terms why any one that buys a Lottery Ticket has been duped. Tell me you have Premium Bonds – beyond the few your Granny bought you when you were born – and I will explain that YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT MONEY IS and, yes, you too have been duped! Explain to me you have savings for a “rainy day” and that one will get shot down on so many levels…once again duped!

All a bit harsh, you are thinking? Being rather judgemental today aren’t we, you are thinking?

Yes…err, no, I am really not. Seriously, we don’t have time for niceties any more. I did say, in the last blog, that I had been duped into believing I could create a difference by presenting this in a palatable way. I consider myself no longer fooled!

These examples above, and many more besides, are the very things that they want you to own…duped.

I have often heard people say their idea is like sitting on the winning lottery ticket – a gold mine idea. Brilliant. However, sitting on it doesn’t work, but chasing down that vision does. I too have a gold mine of an idea…it is just a tad different from a lottery ticket, it is my own vision and I will chase it down ferociously…

…the gold mine idea is to own a gold mine.

As my mentor, Robert Kiyosaki, explains often enough: “Owning physical Gold is not an investment it is insurance for your money”, he goes on to explain: “However, investing in Gold is different, that is an investment in the business of producing physical Gold. Seek your opportunity to invest as close to the mine as possible.”

Can you get closer to the mine than owning it? The ultimate investment in gold…own a gold mine! Own what they do not want you to own.

Remember, one of the very reasons Mazitas even exists is because the direct sales industry, like most industries, has zero idea how to teach the difference between an asset and a liability. I believe an industry that teaches people how to fly has a responsibility to first teach people how to land! That make sense to you? History shows far too many crashes and an industry that refuses to acknowledge the failing let alone learn from it…I simply say “enough”.

How do we do that? Every single member of the Mazitas community can also become part owners of the ultimate store of wealth, the epitome of asset backing your life, the very definition of owning what they do NOT want you to own: the Mazitas Gold Mine! 

Can you imagine the feeling of being a gold mine owner?

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