“A community is a group of people who…”

When the penny drops…Mazitas makes even more sense!

It is the winter of 2009 and for so many people living in rural parts of the UK it is a winter of discontent…extremely cold and it snows and snows. A series of snow related serendipitous events lead me to taking on an unjust energy delivery and pricing system, the entire heating oil industry in the UK and to breaking some rules. The result: from having zero idea what I am doing, I build a buying group of over 20,000 members.

When I look back I see that for seven winters I believed we were a community. I now understand we were not! On many levels it was incredibly successful and spawned many new groups and businesses that still break the rules, but it was not a community. It was structured entirely incorrectly and that was entirely down to me and my own naivety.

Failures into successes, right?  Of course, if we are listening then we hear the messages that experience is trying to teach us. I heard it all…loud and clear! Fast forward to where we are today…Mazitas is a community of rule breakers and it was my friend Simon Sinek’s inspiration this week that gave me the insight that I have actually learnt my lesson…the Mazitas community is already crammed full of people who have agreed to grow together…the members!


How can we tell they have agreed to grow together? Each time we come together it always ends up looking like this:

And along the way the Mazitas Members do a lot of this…learning, questioning, sharing, laughing, supporting, hugging, reuniting and, of course, throwing in some crazy.

What makes them a Mazitas Member? They came once! They bought one ticket to one event and that was it…that is membership of the Mazitas Community and with it so many benefits and so much more to come…keep watching. What maintains them as members…they keep coming, or not!

Feeling like there may be a role here for you in a community of people that wants to grow together? Fabulous, let your curiosity rule, just come! Who knows, maybe soon you too will be on the wall of incredible Mazitas Memory Makers