The timetable of future Mazitas events…

Mazitas Masterclass Series

The unfolding story…here is what is coming up:

Saturday 6th May 2017 – Connectworking Extreme – Hannah Jago – closed event

  • Why is it closed? It is specific to one MLM, however, if curiosity gets the better of you then simply ask and I might just tell you!

Sunday 14th May 2017 – Connectworking Extreme – Hannah Jago – generic event

  • Open to all Network Marketing professionals…you want to be there…ACT NOW!

Saturday 3rd June 2017 – “My Name Is” Extreme – Christopher James Pomfret & guests

  • Open to all for anyone that wants to make a difference on planet earth through what they choose to spend their life doing.

What is…a Mazitas Masterclass?

  • A full day of Mazitas Myriad Mindset knowledge share and learning.
  • Very full days, classroom based, truly interactive, unique networking.
  • Maximum number JUST 20 delegates.
  • All snacks, lunch and drinks are included in the ticket price.
  • The venue is always Oxfordshire based.
  • Registration 10am to finish 5pm.
  • Ticket prices £75 inclusive for non-Mazitas Members and £50 inclusive for Mazitas Members.
  • Always one very inspirational special guest.
  • You will always leave wishing you had brought a car full!

Mazitas Myriad Mindset Quarterly Event

Sunday 2nd July 2017 – The Missing Link – the one true legend of MLM is coming to Mazitas Myriad Mindset…there will be just 500 tickets…shhh – soon!


The other date for your diary: the world financial meltdown!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly when that was going to happen? Imagine the ease with which you could arrange all your affairs, your estate, your investments and line all your liabilities up so they could become assets overnight…shares, property, commodities, yup you could benefit from them all and more.

Here’s the thing, I follow and read several “experts” on this very subject as part of my search for the Truth About Money, and I get a very diverse view of what is going on and what the “experts” believe…I promise you, nobody knows! The predictions are so extreme in their differences that it is clear nobody really can know when, even though someone may look like they did, because someone will probably be right!

How is that a Mazitas event…?  Mike Maloney says: “wealth is never destroyed, it is merely transferred”. Like Robert Kiyosaki he believes: “the greatest investment you can make in your own lifetime is in your own financial education”.  If you put those two statements together, then you have no need to know when the financial meltdown is coming. Why? Because through your education and studying the subject you can be prepared NO MATTER WHAT! The next Mazitas launch is our very own financial education tool that will prepare ALL MEMBERS for anything that could happen to them and their money…ergo, the financial meltdown that will happen one day, is a Mazitas event…and the tool? Mazitas Money Mine is coming next!

Oh Yes…tickets?  You know what to do…scream, shout, holler, stamp, at me…until you get one!