Robbins or Kiyosaki…on this topic you can’t choose both!

When Robert Kiyosaki says follow Tony Robbins “if you don’t want to invest in your financial education”, it’s pretty clear there is a choice to be made…

This is an extremely simple, but extremely critical choice…and it is going to be very painful for many in the MLM world…

18052730_10155220351053200_1212149140_n (1)For real…may I suggest you don’t mix the two up…!

Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki have influenced many millions of lives across the planet and each has a profile, a reputation and a following that goes with that positive influence. Both have become legends to the MLM industry, but are far from exclusive to that industry as both crossover into business, leadership and media of all varieties…and so they should!

However, their areas of expertise are very different…Personal Development and Financial Education. Yes, the two are intrinsically linked, indeed they feed off each other, but they are two very different areas of expertise, and this a clear indication that specific areas of expertise should remain an individual’s area of focus.

What did Robert Kiyosaki actually say?  You can listen to it yourself if you go to the Rich Dad Radio page and scroll down to the latest episode called “Debt Makes the Rich Richer”…it looks like this!

Robert was respectful and relatively delicate in the way he dismantled the strategy of another influencer! In this instance not just Tony Robbins, but also two other “pillars of the financial education community…who are extremely popular”.  I should point out that he was not, and I am definitely not, undermining Tony Robbins on any of what he has built his achievement on as the personal development guru.

Why is this important to me and for me to share? Mazitas plays a role in leading Mazitas Members to where they can access financial education, not advice, and do the research for themselves. Ask your own questions and find your own answers. In other words, to make the investment in your own financial education. The investment I have made meant that when I listened to Tony Robbins on this You Tube video my alarm bells rang all the way through. I knew that it flew in the face of my own research…


The irony is that I posted this video on Facebook, questioning the Robbins strategy the day before I then heard the latest Rich Dad podcast, proving my education has given me insights that I did not have before as in the past I might not have questioned this comment:

“The most dangerous thing is not to be in the market!” – Tony Robbins

And now I fundamentally question the statement, because, actually, the most dangerous thing, surely, is to follow the ADVICE of someone else without understanding – i.e. educating yourself – as to why.

Creating peace of mind!  In the Robbins video the interviewer made an interesting comment suggesting that the book would get the reader to a place that was “creating peace of mind” (that scared me) and Tony pointed out that ” the answers are not my answers, I interviewed 50 of the smartest financial people in the world from Warren Buffet to Ray Dalio to Carl Icahn“.  I am guessing he didn’t include Robert Kiyosaki in that list, because Robert constantly talks about not giving answers – or advice – but how The Rich Dad Corporation is a financial education company that creates content and shares knowledge, from which everyone should come up with their own answers that fit with their own circumstances.

It gets even more crazy: on the subject of the “smartest” financial people Tony went on to say that Worth Magazine had just named him in their Power 100 of most influential financial minds on the planet. Interestingly, not least because of the numbers in the MLM world, there are only 16 women in that list (that also scares me), but here he is at number 77:


It feels like a weighty achievement at face value. Not knowing what The Worth Magazine was I, of course, had to find out. I don’t know what you think, but when I did my research it raised a question to the worth of being named in the list…when I saw who they named 14 places above him!


Am I really trying to show up the world impacting guru Tony Robbins?  Absolutely not. No, no, no of course not. What I am saying is that we have a clear disparity in strategy from two extremely influential thought leaders…you simply can’t follow both on this one topic.

From a Mazitas point of view I am still reeling from this entire episode. The MLM industry has an appalling record of educating those that make money to make sure they find their way to financial education to at least park some of their wealth in a store of value for the long term, NO MATTER WHAT. I have said it before, but this cannot be overstated:

“if you teach people to fly, you have a responsibility to first teach them how to land”

The most disturbing part to this is that it could be argued that a legend of teaching people how to set their lives on fire and literally fly, is teaching people to land with the wrong set of instructions.

My own personal guru says it is Rich Dad or Poor Dad thinking…so if you are not Rich Dad thinking what does that leave you with?