Did you know Facebook are building robots?

Some would say, with nearly 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is turning the world’s population into robots…but building them, really?

Everybody knows Facebook bought Whatsapp, right? Oh, and Instagram of course. Most people know the reason they are doing their best to smash Snapchat is because they would not cave and refused to be bought by Facebook. But did you know that Facebook owns Oculus – a virtual reality R&D company? Or that it is into Drones, Lasers and loads of other tech developments, into which Mr Z is investing billions of its cash created from us all uploading our favourite sausage and mash pictures – yes I’m guilty! But robots…?

AI…Artificial Intelligence is the industry of robots development! Facebook is heavily invested in this too. So is Apple. Oh and Google. Then there’s Microsoft, Intel and, yes, Amazon, all adding to the billions spent on building robots.


But they send out books! 

Yes they do. Seemingly so well that along the way they have done something you may not have noticed. They became a massive player in taking over our lives…it seems they gave us time back, we gave them an empire! Fair exchange? But how does sending out books make them that big? Facebook don’t just do Likes, Google don’t just do searches, Apple don’t just make smart stuff and Amazon do not just do what we thought they did. Amazon control homes via Alexa, cloud space via AWS, delivery systems via their massive logistics, and on and on…I really do mean on: I believe they also still send out books.

So if none of these vast players actually do only what we think they do…what about this list of behemoths? Note that these companies are all from just two industries: IT and automotive. What is it that these 33 corporations could all be working on at the same time and spending billions in the race to the top?

Ford, Tesla, VW, Land Rover matched with Google, Apple and Microsoft…


Think about this…Intel and a Jaguar…the ultimate place that relationship goes – a car with revolutionary technology in it – yup that would be Autonomous Vehicles, i.e. driverless cars.

You may be horrified, you not believe, you may want to revolt…however, it is no longer about if, it is not really about when…it is all about who will win! 

The prize for all of these new developments covered above – and many more including microbiology, cryptocurrency, energy storage, space and beyond that final frontier – is so huge that many billions will be thrown at all of them as they develop.

I began with a did you know question?  I was not implying that I did! I did not know Facebook are building Robots. I learnt it. What is this really about? Knowledge. I have been on a mission for the last two years, in particular, to educate myself about so many things and prove this Mike Maloney statement true:

“the greatest investment you can make in your own lifetime, is in your own final education”.

And to that end my Mazitas Money Mine updates are simply going to share that knowledge, as Maya Angelou says: “if you learn, teach”.  The updates will never, ever tell anyone what to do; the words “you should” and “you must” will never appear; this is not about giving advice – I can’t; it is simply about sharing the knowledge that I have invested in and choose to pass on to those willing to listen. That said, I hope that knowledge will then inspire others to do their own research and make their own choices with what they have learnt. If I can simply inspire you to go research more…that is my goal.

And finally…given that they appear to be into most things, where do Amazon fit into the whole driverless car thing…oh they are working on driverless delivery! This really is the craziest, and I hope most of us feel, the most exciting time ever…one thing that is critical is to arm ourselves with as much knowledge as we can…because imagine if we didn’t know any of this, what else is coming that NOBODY knows about?

NOTE: the fabulous slide and lots of my knowledge was gained from Eoin Treacy at the Tech Symposium run by the Southbank Investment Research Limited…it is all about knowledge transfer!