Andrew Maguire Q&A…Live Webinar

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“The greatest wealth transfer ever” 

Andrew Maguire – the man Max Zeiser introduces as: “the legend” – explains all…Live Q&A webinar…2pm Monday, 22nd May

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Andrew makes his clients huge amounts of money – because his knowledge is equally huge.  I get to introduce Andrew to the audience – imagine how that feels! The audience, that’s you if you fill the form below, gets to ask him their questions: please message me yours to

The main theme is the great wealth transfer and the one golden moment in time that is imminent…however, he will also be talking about Gold backed cryptocurrencies, does Bitcoin have longevity, will Blockchain change the internet and, in a unique twist, how anyone can take part via a Crowdfunding platform. Inclusive to all!

In 1885 John D. Rockefeller wrote: “I know ways of making money that you know nothing of”, he was referring to what we now perceive to be what the 2% know and have successfully kept a secret from the 98%. Andrew Maguire has a very different way of thinking: he advises the higher echelons of the 2% and yet he writes that he aims to “maximize inclusiveness and accessibility globally”. Talking of globally, many financial commentators with huge audiences such as: Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rickards, Tony Robbins, Mike Maloney, Gordon Hester, Simon Black, et al., talk of a coming financial storm…”coming” they agree on, “when” they struggle with.

What if YOU knew when and how to take advantage of what Mike Maloney calls “the greatest wealth transfer in the history of humanity”? Would that be worth investing your time in? Only you can make that call…Andrew is ready to share!

This is Andrew on the very controversial RT show The Keiser Report:

The reason people like Max Keiser respect Andrew is because of the courageous stance he took. We all know whistleblowers take a huge gamble with their own personal safety, liberty and even life, and when I asked Andrew why he accepted the gamble he said: “I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I hadn’t!” That is the measure of the ethics of the man. You can catch up on the story if you search You Tube: The Secret World of Gold (from 25mins30secs) or access his platform by searching Andrew Maguire site

This is Mazitas Money Mine in action…it is the point of existence…knowledge transfer. I am never going to say to anyone “you should” or “you must”, I am never going to say it is now or never. What I can say is that Andrew Maguire knows what not even the living Rockefellers know and he is about to share it with my audience…an audience that selects itself by filling the form below. It’s a proud Mazitas moment!