“Oh no, Bitcoin went nuts…I’ve missed the boat!”…said the very silly person


Never run with the crowd when it comes to what YOU personally should do with your own money…until of course you have done your research and the crowd actually got it right for a very rare change.

Yes Bitcoin has all but doubled in price during 2017…I mean just look at the chart, it is, on one level, totally nuts. However, what does that actually mean to you? How can you know until you have done your research?

My urgent plea…please do not rush into doing anything TODAY or TOMORROW…let it breathe…and rushing in “just because” may well be a huge error on your part. Did I mention TOTALLY NUTS?

Five points to think through:

  1. If you don’t understand what you are buying should you EVER buy it?
  2. Bitcoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrency may well be right for you…but they may not be…the internet is a wonderful source so take a look at diverse options and points of view
  3. There’s no need to rush…the chance of making the right choice when jumping in is a rarity!
  4. What about those opportunities your friend is making a “ton of money in” and they pay in Bitcoin? They will still be there the day after tomorrow too. And think about this, if they pay in Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin went up so much, is there are a chance they simply pay proportionally less Bitcoin – so nothing lost and peace of mind gained! If you hadn’t already joined why would you instantly join now…Fear Of Missing Out is never a reason to do anything.
  5. In the 6000 year history of some form of money being used as a medium of exchange did anything ALWAYS GO UP?

There is one more thing to think about…if you just don’t get it, want to get it, but do not want to do the research…then just ask me: mmm@mazitas.com – I will never give you my advice or my opinion, but I will suggest some choices.

Have a great weekend NOT worrying about the furore of something you – and very few other people – really, truly understand! And never forget Mark Twain’s wisdom – he always seemed to know:

fool people