When you’re not quite sure what you’ve just seen…but it left you with that something huge is about to happen feeling!

Andrew Maguire – precious metals legend – & Tom Coughlin, CEO of ABX gave the audience a Golden performance

They gave us their shared global vision…a financial world that is transparent. They talked about “exposing shenanigans” and leading up to a huge trade – “a killer conduit” – that will break the paper gold market. They openly explained how anyone can get involved in that life changing moment. We discussed the world of cryptocurrencies and the potential of blockchain. They covered their unique position “downstream” of a gold-backed cryptocurrency that is Sharia compliant and just how huge it already is at ICO stage. Then Tom explained they are working with another that is pre-launch and “a genius currency”.  But that was hardly scratching the surface…these guys saw something on the planet that simply did not make sense and they chose to do something about it. They are the disruptors!

Our first webinar with them may have created more questions than answers, however, all would have felt like they just saw something that is about to create huge change…this was just a brief introduction to the information I will be editing out of this live call – please keep checking back.