Beyond customer service…truly you can redesign anything…

Pret wins over Starbucks, over Costa and over Neros for me…but artisan wins over all and no this didn’t result in the barista saying “that’ll be nine pounds please”

If you are a maverick that likes to break rules…then you like it when you see rules being broken. Makes sense, right?  I would like to introduce UE my favourite artisan coffee house ( a local brand to me in Witney, Oxon that is famous for roasting its own coffee before it took a presence on our High Street. What rule have they broken…well lots…but this is the kind of thing I utterly love…


…build your own iced latte – to your own taste! Everything is delivered with this level of attention to detail. Try the toasted banana bread and see what it comes with!

There’s so much more to say about the amazing staff, level of customer service, ethical local business…but what is my real point? If you can find a fabulous new way to deliver a cup of coffee to the table – and it works – just at the time that the most powerful coffee brand on the planet is actually a burger business and is using its vast marketing reach to condition the masses into thinking that fast, paper cup, homogenised is the future…then surely ANYTHING can be redesigned in a clever, often quirky way, to make life more interesting, more fun, more free!

Talking of freedom and redesign – with a load of rules being broken – brings me to an update on People’s Gold Mine (…a huge development this week reminded me that it was time to update those watching to see what’s next.


What exactly is next?  What is coming is a convergence of all Mazitas projects from Mills, to Gold, to Cryptocurrency, to knowledge transfer, to MLM becomes MMM, to the Truth About Money…to that webinar!  If you search with such an energy that what you are seeking is compelled to come to you…then you will always find what you are looking for and then far beyond! Beyond customer service has led UE to find more than what they were looking for…break some more rules!