Acts of random kindness…thank you

This ARK is all about £2 & a share!

You know how when you see something that simply isn’t right and you want to do something about it…?  Well most people don’t. Do something I mean. But some people do. I was reminded by this at the weekend when I picked up a flyer an amazing neighbourly man called Grant had dropped through the door some time ago. He had brought people together to create community events and as a result those events had brought people closer in a common cause.

It reminded me of what we have done for Robin and Michael over the last 24 hours. A community has come together to help build this fabulous boy who has autism – which means he has a specially wired brain – a sensory room, which is basically a specially wired room of fabulous colours, lights and sounds.

As one donor to our JustGiving campaign said: “From a Mummy who knows just how much this project will help this little boy and his family. Wishing you all the luck in the world xx”

I have seen it with my own eyes…when those with autism enter this space they find their peace. It is a world that makes sense to them, I can’t believe it took me this long to get it.

Why are we really doing this? Because his dad, Robin, has been through the emotional grinder, worse actually, he has had his life literally ripped from any sense of normal, and he deserves a break. This YouTube video tells the story rather better than written words:

As for meeting Michael, well his video tells us a lot too:

So we have been live just 24 hours and look what the generosity of people in a crowd has created: 

  • nearly 300 views on Facebook of the two different videos
  • 24 shares of various posts
  • amazing kind offers
  • incredibly generous and supportive comments
  • and an amazing £457 – which is 28% of the total…INSIDE A DAY!

We are well on our way to creating this:

For him:

and a very different world for all of them…Robin and his three children!

So what is the £2 and a share all about? 

Creating this for Michael is not simply about asking people for a stack of money. Maybe we have other stuff to give. Yes a couple of quid will help, but maybe simply sharing it with others is the best help some of us can be…because who knows where that message can end up. Remember you never know where the next ARK can come from! 

If YOU do want to add a couple of quid then that would be amazing, here is the link:

So I was thinking, who knows what amazing things have happened as a result of what Grant did in his community? We know what is going to happen as a result of our community coming together…Michael is going to find his peace!

I think we are going to be doing a lot more Acts of Random Kindness…and maybe if you have a great idea you could whizz it over to us…it has to start somewhere!