When you try to help someone else, right? Michael’s story update…

This was meant to help Robin & his fabulous Michael…but look what happened!

Is it not happening for Michael…will he not get his sensory room?  Oh it will happen for sure. We pass the ONE WEEK moment tonight at 7pm and the current level reached is this incredible total:

In less than a week! What an extraordinary outcome…and yes truly humbling. So what’s the issue?  Oh there is no issue…other than how do we total all the other positive outcomes?

Take a look at this quote from someone who was personally feeling the pain of what happened on London Bridge on Saturday night…and what giving to Michael allowed her to feel and express…what a lovely person and did I mention this is humbling?

This is simply something that nobody could have imagined would have happened from something that, whilst it has its own complexities, feels so simple and just the right thing to do. I had forgotten. I ran a consultancy in the 1990’s that raised over £11m for a group of charities and some of the most amazing things I remember were the positive, but unintended, consequences. It is good to be reminded, especially at a time when humanity needs come shining through…and it will, I mean just look!

How? How did we get to over one thousand pounds in six days? Lots of contributing factors for sure. One I utterly love – although find hard because I cannot thank them directly – are the anonymous donors giving financial gifts on the page. Another is the fact that even when some could not give through the page they did something that often results in so much more: they shared on social media or over the garden fence…yes they simply told others. 

And then this happened…my Crowdfunding guru Anthony De Souza taught me that strangers do not give to projects. Makes sense really – how would they find it? So everyone is led to the campaign. There is always a trail. This one began with a friend on Facebook called Penny who saw my posts, found the video and the page, felt the importance and chose to give, she then shared on her Facebook page. A friend of Penny’s and a complete stranger to me saw the post, messaged me, she verified a couple of points and the next morning I woke to see this email in my inbox:

When I then posted that news lots more people were brought to the campaign and joined the crowd! When I asked Louise to explain how this donation came about this is what she wrote:

“This donation is from myself and colleagues from BT. My team did a charity event in March for Autism and I have been looking where this money could make a difference to someone. Penny shared on Facebook and it hit a chord with me. Wishing this family the very best x”

Rest assured those fabulous souls will be getting an amazing Michael style Thank You! 

I began this because I saw a greater need than ours…and I simply wanted to help an amazing Dad help his three little ones.  I did not do this for personal gain…but it is impossible not to feel like a beneficiary when all these things have been written:

  • Changing the world one small gesture at a time ❤
  • Beautiful idea Christopher🌟 Happy to show my support for this amazing Dad and his family. 💖
  • From me and my Dad – because simply 💙 & from my Dad because, in different circumstances, he knows the struggles of raising children alone after being a single parent to 5 under 10’s for 25years x
  • Sending love to this family, life can be so cruel and the only way to fight that is with love and caring for each other. Thanks Chris for caring as always.
  • My son is autistic I wish you every success
  • Doing something to change the world into a better place. We can all help with that. x
  • What a fantastic course. Wishing this little family the very best x

You can see why…however, it doesn’t take a genius to read those fabulous words and work out that for many the simple fact is that they too found a positive benefit from both being able to give and express their thoughts.

Finally, for now. We are bombarded daily by so much information and a part of me always hesitates when I send the latest free-thinking thoughts on various topics out to my various audiences. One in particular is an email list of nearly 3000 and often only 10% are opening them. However, had I not sent this story to that email list I would not have received this fabulous message from someone who has seen my projects over the last decade – some of which have flown and others have tanked of course:

“Why am I not surprised you are doing this Chris Pomfret? Legend!” 

Thank you Charlotte for such a remarkable compliment, and for always supporting – we will certainly be having tea soon!

What if I had never posted a single word…imagine what a gap there would have been that never would have been plugged by all these amazing people? Imagine what gaps they would have had that giving to Michael has plugged…you try to so something to help someone else…and look what happens!