An alternative General Election message: today you are going to vote for someone that does not know what you need them to know…should that concern you?

My “Crypto-Grandsons” will grow up in a cashless world and they will do just fine in this scary new world…my question is, will the electorate?

Scary new world…what does that mean…what does that look like? 

Humankind is in the greatest ever change environment. FACT!  Jude and Luca are three. The next 15 years in which they grow into adults will make the last amazing 15 years look like a minor design change.

This period will be so DISRUPTIVE that all current systems will be challenged. Let me explain…because of one genius development the very foundations of the corporate world are going to go through the greatest ever shake-up – yet to most of us it will probably still look very much the same. Driverless cars will have become normal on streets that look pretty much the same. Driverless delivery trucks too. Drones will deliver stuff to homes that look pretty much the same. Machines (I would call them Robots but that makes everyone ultra-uneasy) will be performing some parts of large numbers of operations in hospitals that will as buildings, yet again, generally look very much the same from the outside. The global financial system will be remarkably different and yet it might also look pretty much the same. Oh yes and there will be no cash. Zero cash…now that is probably going to look very different!

Today is GENERAL ELECTION day…the recent study by Positive Money showed that 9 out of 10 MPs have no clue as to how the Banking system creates money. If they do not understand something so basic and so critical to EVERYTHING about what they are doing on behalf of us (I somehow kept myself from laughing out loud when I reread that), then to whom do you think you cast a vote today that will have a clue about our scary new world? Not a single one. I mean if they don’t understand how money is created then what chance the progress of robotics? That means the next five years will see this country with a Prime Minister that will oversee 33% of the greatest change environment ever…without a clue what is going on.

That fill you with any confidence? Maybe think it could be time to see what this is all about for yourself? 

Zero cash…seriously? There has been a war on cash by several governments in just the last few months. The Indian government literally stole millions of dollars worth of rupees from its own people – mainly the poor, the old and the disconnected. Much of the continent of Africa has seen a different kind of war on cash. This has been driven from the bottom up where the diverse use of mobile phones as instruments of finance protects people from the volatility of their fragile currencies. But neither of these – or many other attacks on cash – are the thing that will finish cash…enter the world of cryptocurrency.

It is still incredibly early days for cryptocurrency – that means Bitcoin, the only one most people have heard of, and also its 700 brethren – but given that in just the last 45 days $70 billion have come into the cryptocurrency space and that means the overall market has tripled in less than two months, it is safe to say we are in one extreme growth period. But that does not mean that cryptocurrency has reached the tipping point, there is every likelihood that it can contract again in a huge way, but it is a simple fact that cryptocurrency is NOT going away. Both Governments and the masses may have built the coffin into which cash will be buried, but it is this new version of digital money that will provide the one massive nail to finish it!

Now let me see, where in the manifestos is that covered? Ask your MP what this all means and it won’t matter if they flip through their, and every other, manifesto…they have got nothing.

The word crypto actually does mean hidden in Greek. How ironic that right in front of us this is blatantly changing the entire face of the financial system and yet it remains hidden to the masses…oh and your MP – only your decision maker in parliament.

Really big question to think on: whilst you make your final choice today – and I genuinely do not care for whom anyone chooses to vote so long as they walk through that door and exercise their right – do you think it might be worth reading the next part if I swear on the coffin of cash to explain step by step all of your options on what to do next to find out for yourself?

So look out for the next chapter:  where do I begin if I want to find out what cryptocurrency is all about?

Oh yes…I asked what does that look like? The scary new world…what does it look like? As I explained above, much of what is going to change won’t look completely different. That makes it easy to choose to allow this development to remain hidden to us, I mean you really won’t notice until it has happened. It may be too late then – you may get run over by the driverless car.

Finally, why I do like this stuff so much? Because it breaks the rules…till the next chapter.

Have a fabulous General Election day!