Redesign…how does it actually look if you embrace limitations & simply begin…?

If only all redesign looked this way…stunning, rising from the mist, the juxtaposition of the new and the very, very old. This most conspicuous symbol of one brand new shopping “mall” under construction, caught perfectly against the backdrop of Oxford’s “dreaming spires” (Matthew Arnold).

Two years ago I retired from convention and rid myself of the overheads of a business life, because overheads are always “in-your-heads”, right? One year later I made the commitment to myself, as I was about to be 50 years old, to do this:

tear down the remaining structures of my entire business and financial life.



OK it was not quite as brutal as this…it actually took me until January of this year to finally extricate myself from ALL of the “official” business links that I had – which meant every one of my income producing sources.  However, the effect was rather similar – a landscape that looked more carnage than “dreaming spires”!

“Cut off all your income streams…how did you live?” Well you know how you walk past the facade on a city street that is hiding a development behind it and it seems like nothing is changing for such a long time? Usually there’s a lot of noise and rarely does the dust settle completely. Sometimes when you walk past the entrance is just ajar, maybe for a delivery, and you see enormous foundations, clear activity that something is coming together not least because there are loads of high viz clad bods with hard hats. Well, it has been a lot like that…I have been creating.

Redesign on redesign, big holes, foundations inserted, lots of noise – many would say oh so much noise, and the dust has never settled. All behind one very colourful facade facing out to the world – the city streets, if you like. I have left the door ajar for some phenomenal people to take a peek through and they have seen the progress:

Rather like the Oxford construction, many of my planned structures are built and close to getting their detailing, but right now it is still teasingly covered up. Yup, even those who have been inside and spent plenty of time there are still not quite sure how it will look when uncovered. Just like the construction on the city street, as soon as the first piece appears just above the facade, the entire outside world begins to see what has been under development for what feels like an age. Then, of course, the build to the top seems rapid.

Think on this quote I love and cannot find the source of:


The concentration of the power of our thoughts, because of the apparent limitations with which we are faced or believe we have, can lead to the most amazing creations if those limitations are embraced. They were embraced: the redesign I set out for actually became reinvention…limitations were most certainly a friend of my architecture. 

It was all about a thirst for knowledge and Rich Dad Coaching is where the transformation began. However, from there I reinvented everything about what I know and how I then connect with others, so much so I gained the knowledge to be able to stand before a diverse audience and talk with confident accuracy (others call themselves experts I choose not to – ever) about many subjects that some might call “out of the system”: the very meaning of Money; why Gold actually is the gold in the Golden Rule; what being a Property Investor actually means; the incredible power of Crowdfunding to create huge change to society from the bottom up; why understanding the difference between Assets & Liabilities is critical to the long-term security of each of us and that it should be taught from Primary School Age; what revolutionary impact Cryptocurrency is having on the Global Monetary System; why Blockchain is reinventing the way the entire corporate world will account, organise and grow; how Facebook, Amazon and Google will influence so many more of our choices, and sadly non-choices, from their ivory towers as they invest billions, money we willingly gave them, researching in to New Technologies…and, most important of all, the simplicity in the power of our name! Yup, that was most important of all.

I did not set out on a journey to gain this specific knowledge, I simply ripped up what was my “conventional”, created the space to allow for new paradigms and set out on the journey to gain knowledge per se. Look what happened! I have been inspired by it to redesign and then reinvent from a new thinking base.

“If you learn, teach” – Maya Anglou

I did. Simply by sharing the knowledge. The insights I have shared by creating a vehicle called Mazitas – which is the entrance behind the facade I have left ajar for some to see – have resulted in outcomes I could never have imagined and as I let my thoughts wander from the fabulous one who is now writing the book of their incredible life; to the new career the young man has created for himself immersed in his passion; to the courageous one that is changing her name that represents toxicity to one that fills her with pride; to the talented one who switched from a dead end desk to a happy, limitless working life where boundaries are set only by her; to the one who set her confidence free, made the call and now takes pictures of the queen…I am completely aware that the build to the top is occurring right before my eyes, pretty much out of my control.

Frustrations, I have had a few!  Oh I have had to check in with the image of the new building appearing above the facade and then racing up, up and away into the sky after a very long wait, so many times when I have wanted to rip it all up again! But, oh my gosh, thank you to self for not doing that. I found the best way not to give up proved to be: seek even more knowledge; more counsel and surround myself with more expertise. That is when the magic happened for me and this man came into my life. Andrew Maguire, living legend, is now a friend and it is with the knowledge I am learning from him that the detailing of the finish to my creation will be to a stunning level of beauty that at outset was beyond any imagined horizon.

Screenshot 2017-05-23 04.06.00

I will never stop learning, never stop pushing the boundaries and there will be new topics – right now Autism is the next one I have to know very well. However, it is Andrew’s insights I will be sharing next – directly from him – as I push the entrance open just a little bit further. The dust won’t be settling, the noise will be increasing and, to answer my own question in the title, this redesign will look pretty bloody gorgeous.

I am reminded of the words of Winston Churchill: “Never, never, never give up”!