Part one: if only you could own a share in a Central Bank…guess what, you can!

The truth is that when it comes to money there is very little truth

Most people believe that owning a share in a Central Bank is an impossibility, the masses have been led to believe that the Federal Reserve, for example, is simply an extension of the US Government.


Zero truth there.

“The Fed” was only created back in 1913 and has been a privately-owned corporation ever since. Yes, you would have to be one extremely well-connected and wealthy banker, but it is possible to own a share in that Central Bank. Which is, by the way, the epitome of a no-lose situation.

What is true…is that YOU have the opportunity to own a share in a Central Bank. This is an opportunity that has the potential to be like buying into Microsoft when they weren’t even a household name in their own households, like claiming a stake in Apple back in the 1980s and like mirroring those investors that have the true vision as to what next to invest in right before the action starts, such as: Peter Theil (co-founder PayPal), Jerry Yang (Yahoo billionaire) and Bill Gates himself…who are just some of the visionaries in this space right now.

The action starts here! The opportunity is NOW…as in this week…and those guys don’t know about this, a point I cover in depth below.

Who am I and why am I telling you via this blog, or my email, or the email you received from someone you know?

My name is Christopher James Pomfret and, for those that don’t know me, I am a free-thinker and a rule-breaker. I have an audience that respect me, the work I do for others and my passion. That passion is: I only ever spend my time doing things that I want to do, that I totally believe in and that have a positive outcome for as many people as possible.

I am writing this overview for no direct financial gain. I am writing it because I know something that the masses do not, and I am compelled to tell as many people as I can. I simply would not be able to live with myself if I had not told this story, in my own way from my own unique take on the situation, to as many people as I possibly can.

Today is the 25th June 2017. If you are reading this before 30th June 2017, then you still have the tiniest window of opportunity to gain the knowledge to make a life changing choice. That choice is to own a share – no matter how tiny – of something that is set to become the equivalent of a Central Bank…or not! But this Central Bank is different to the rest, it has been built on pure people to people terms, with high values and with an ethical vision running through its DNA.

Before explaining the what, how and when detail…I have to finish the why?

In 1885 John D Rockefeller wrote: “I know ways of making money, that you know nothing of”.  It might irk you to know that an Indian farmer, an African miner and a Venezuelan shopkeeper probably understand that quote better than you or I, because they have to and you will see why.

So, I loathe this quote! It highlights a truth that has been kept from the masses for centuries. The very wealthy elite live in abundance simply because they know how to. Let’s call them the 1% – although in truth they are far fewer than 75 million which would represent 1% of the world’s population. So, the 1% own more than the other 99% put together, simply because they not only know ways of making money that the masses know nothing of, but they choose to keep those ways to themselves.

How do you feel about that?

If you are shrugging because you think that is OK I suggest you stop reading. This next line won’t mean anything to you:

“Dear Rockefeller’s and your 1% cronies…we know ways of making money, that you nothing of…and we are going to tell masses of people, in fact as many as possible.” Christopher James Pomfret

Most people will feel empowered by that, especially after reading the rest of this, because we do have that knowledge, we are going to share it and we are a “we”!

Here is that knowledge: please read it and even if you do not fully understand it please forward it to just one other person. Someone that you feel deserves to know the truth, someone that you would simply not be able to live with yourself if you had not given them the same choice I am giving you. We all deserve to know this truth and have this choice.

Who is it that is set to become an equivalent to a Central Bank?

ABX is the name of the corporation. Like the Federal Reserve it is owned privately. Like the Federal Reserve that knowledge is not widely known across the world. Unlike the Federal Reserve it is about to become very public.

ABX was conceived in 2011 and after a huge amount of background work was “silently launched” in 2015. There are 103 shareholders who purchased their shares into existence to a value of over US$10m. Incredible success has followed and the current valuation is over US$58m. In anyone’s terms that is serious growth, however, what is about to happen will likely make that growth pale into insignificance.


The full name is Allocated Bullion Exchange.  As the name would suggest their business is in the precious metals market, particularly Gold & Silver, rather like all Central Banks, right? Please read on and let’s see! The ABX website is, where a wealth of information is available, however, the most direct route to the information about this share offering are the “collaterals” (all supporting documentation) which can be found through this link …(if you cannot access this information through the link, the documents can be emailed to you, please use the email at the foot of this for copies asap).

How did ABX achieve their success…they broke the rules!

Tom Coughlin, the CEO of ABX, and the key member of the Advisory Board, Andrew Maguire, designed the most courageous, disruptive and ethical way to make Gold & Silver trading fair. The key to that is they took an archaic system and put it into the most exciting new space in the planet’s economic and business world, Fintech! In the ABX offer documents’ words:

“We have spent six years getting to where we are now and we will not stop in our pursuit for a total reform of the precious metals market”

My role as sharer of knowledge to masses of people, is to break their words down. Quite simply across planet earth the unfair, often unethical and outdated trading markets of Gold & Silver, in particular, have to be reformed for the benefit of the masses. These markets have been so opaque that the majority of people that believe they own some of one of those precious metals actually own nothing more than a piece of paper. A promise to pay, yup pretty much an IOU! This is one of those ways that the 1% know of making money that we know nothing of…until now that is.

ABX continue:

“ABX will prevail in its conquest to bring fair and true price discovery to the precious metals market through organically and permanently breaking the back of the paper bullion markets”

Think about this: when a bullion bank like (JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Goldman Sachs International, BNP Paribas or the others in the inner circle) owns an ounce of pure Gold, you would like to think they trade one ounce of pure Gold. However, evidence shows that they have resold that one ounce 92 times! That is 92 IOUs on one ounce. As for Silver the situation is much worse: 500 pieces of paper promising to pay to 1 ounce. This is what is meant by the “paper bullion market” and ABX do have the ability to break it up. Knowing this is where we know ways of making money that the 1% know nothing of!

How is this possible and where’s the proof?

Andrew Maguire – who has been a world expert on this for 35 years – put the evidence together and then became one of the most courageous whistleblowers of all time, when he took it to the regulators over 7 years ago (you can see his story in this amazing YouTube video). The reason ABX exists is because the regulators chose to do nothing about it. As I said, this is one extremely ethical corporation, doing the job of the regulators, and about to become the equivalent of a Central Bank.

ABX continue:

“We will shift the precious metal price…away from the paper market, which is centrally controlled and in infinite supply, into the physical market where they are limited in supply and cannot be controlled by central planners”

In the moment this happens – it will be overnight – the price of Gold & Silver will become linked back to the scarcity of the “precious” in this precious metal market, rather than the unlimited nature of producing pieces of paper. The outcome is that the paper price will simply dissolve – because its position will have been completely exposed – and the price of physical Gold & Silver can only go one way, simply by responding to demand of truly unprecedented scale.

That is our moment. For masses of people. That is the moment I see my role as leading as many people as possible across that threshold in the knowledge of being protected.

That is ABX’s moment too!

What role do ABX actually play?

Tom Coughlin was the visionary that built the Allocated Bullion Exchange platform because he saw that Gold, the global product that it is, did not have a globalised platform for trading. A gap in the market. So, Tom built into that vacuum. By forming the ONLY digitalised platform on the planet to be able to buy Gold & Silver 24-7, 365 days a year from any location, he has created the antithesis to the paper trading platforms…and ultimately the tool that will be paper Gold’s downfall.

In simple terms, this is the one truly unique access point to buy and sell physical Gold & Silver in the world and when the paper market is broken, the majority of the world’s precious market will head to ABX…compelled both willingly and unwillingly by market forces.

This is our choice: To buy a share in that platform, the right side of that moment.

Mike Maloney said: “wealth is never destroyed it is merely transferred, meaning on the opposite side of every crisis is great opportunity”.

We are in touching distance of a great opportunity.

Now, do you understand why I am compelled to share this – my unique take on this situation from my unique positon – with masses of people?

I press pause there…take a moment to breathe! Part two is next. How you respond to this knowledge is entirely your choice, my role was simply one of sharer. I have shared. If you are ready to read on then go for it…if not come back later…but, whatever you do please finish the unfolding story. If not for you, the chances are good you know someone that is desperate to know this and has literally been waiting for their opportunity to know what the wealthy elite know, before they know it!

This is our moment…comments and questions about anything including what position I am going to take are very welcome: